Nashville's Alyssa Trahan Releases New Single "Because I'm A Girl"

Nashville based singer/songwriter Alyssa Trahan has partnered with Sony/Skyfall to release her newest single "Because I Am A Girl" the anthem bound to empower women all around. However, Alyssa especially aims to tackle on the overpowering male population in the country music scene. Alyssa Trahan skilled songwriting skills shines light on this issue with her bold and in your face lyrics. She carries the message of her song with her melodic “girl next door” all American country vocals, bound to make you fall in love.

One of the most powerful lyrics that stood out to me in this song would have to be where she sings “I had to put up with a lot of inappropriate things, to all the unwanted stares, name calls, and touches above the knee. But if I were to say a word the blame would fall on me, just because I am a girl.” In my opinion, Alyssa with all the courage in the world tackled the controversial rape culture on how people tend to victim blame when in actuality, they’re fighting for their respect and capability to live comfortably as a woman around men. Alyssa then proceeds by singing the addicting and thought-provoking hook “And you can say that we don’t have a problem here, that I’m overreacting, being dramatic, a crazy feminist being problematic, and you can claim we’ve came so far this past few years, I don’t disagree, but there’s still a long way before we reach equality.” the next part of the song Alyssa sings about how women can do the exact tasks men can do however become underpaid. Alyssa continues to tackle many major issues regarding the lack of respect our society gives to women while sticking to her country roots. With all the respect given to her, we’re sure you too can enjoy the authenticity and raw lyricism behind her sweet mellifluous vocals by checking out the single here and following Alyssa on her social media!

Listen to "Because I'm A Girl" here.