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Natalia Chai Says She's "Not One Of Many," In A Compelling New Single

Hailing from Calgary, Canada, the singer-songwriter, musician, and r&b recording artist Natalia Chai reminds us that she's "Not One Of Many," with her latest soulful single.

Natalia Chai's music career comprises five significant pillars: smooth, groove, inspire, believe, and stay connected. As a classically trained pianist, Natalia Chai developed an ear for the sonically delicious sounds of genres like r&b, soul, neo-soul, jazz, gospel, and Motown. Only four years into the music industry, Chai strives to make personable connections with her audience for a long-lasting impact.

It's said that Chai's forthcoming projects will showcase her never-ending progression in sound and groove while encouraging us to stay optimistic and reach for the stars at each opportunity. Her latest single, "Not One Of Many," is the perfect example of this. Chai sings a passionate message while inviting the lister to relate with all of their heart.

Listening to "Not One Of Many," the song placidly opens with Natalia Chai's warm vocal harmonies alongside a tender piano melody. Once her solo vocal appears on the first verse, Chai jumps into her passionate lyricism while wowing us with her otherworldly vocals. Right off the bat, Natalia Chai offers this engaging and mesmerizing tone that truly brings us to our knees.

Expanding on her heartfelt and relatable lyrical content, Chai dives into themes of wanting to be someone's one and only while expressing her dissatisfaction with people who toy with her heart and don't fully commit. As she leads us to the chilling and jazzy outro, Natalia Chai closes the song with nothing but poise, composer, and desire.

Catch Natalia Chai's soothing and soulful single, "Not One Of Many," on all digital streaming platforms.

We adore the heart and soul you've placed into your latest single, "Not One Of Many." What inspired you to write this profoundly relatable and vulnerable piece?

Thank you so much! "Not One of Many" was inspired by a personal experience but an experience that, as you've mentioned, is profoundly relatable and vulnerable. Hearing stories from friends and family, we all desire to be in a relationship where we feel that we matter, we feel seen and heard on a deeper level where trust, faith, love, and resilience conquers. We live in a society where things, situations, and sadly, people are easily replaced and taken for granted, so taking the proper amount of time to understand and learn about one another seems to be more and more nonexistent. In a world where everybody is doing the same things and following the same trends, I'm here to say that I'm "Not One of Many." If you can't see it or acknowledge and appreciate it, it's ok - we're not meant for each other, and I'll be on my way to find somebody who does.

Did you tackle your songwriting process alone for "Not One Of Many?" Was it easy for you to convey your emotions and get your message across during this process?

Yes, as with most of my songs, I do the concepts and ideas and a massive part of my writing process by myself. Conveying my emotions is a lot easier when I'm writing songs than it is in a day-to-day conversation. I tend to cram a lot of words into one piece, but with "Not One of Many," it was surprisingly easy to say what I wanted to say most concisely.

What do you hope listeners learn or take away from your single, "Not One Of Many?" What effect did you want your lyrics to have on the listener?

I hope that listeners see themselves as "Not One of Many" by honoring their worth not just in romantic relations but in all facets of life. I hope that my lyrics inspire courage and the will to fight for the true love, respect, and joy we all deserve!

How long did it take to create the entirety of "Not One Of Many?" What was the most challenging aspect of this process?

I started writing this song at the end of 2018 but didn't get into the studio with my producer, Jey Blaq, to record until about early 2020. The final mixing and mastering process didn't occur until earlier this year. We had other projects on the go, so this song was on the backburner for quite some time. The most challenging aspect was deciding whether or not I wanted this track to be just voice and keys or adding other instrumentation to it. Jey and I had an honest conversation, and I decided to keep it simple where it reflects the intimacy, vulnerability and conveys my message in the most direct way possible - and I don't have a track where it's just me and the piano, so this was a very refreshing project that genuinely reflects 100% of my creation.

What's next for you, Natalia?

I have a lot of exciting collaborations coming up with many talented artists, and I have also expanded into the film and animation industries writing and producing soundtracks that are currently in the works. I was recently selected as one of the artists for The Arts Common Incubator in Calgary, where it gives emerging artists in our city opportunities to learn professionally and artistically, to perform/exhibit, to collaborate and grow with other creatives to create and foster a stronger community that supports the arts! Please keep your eyes and ears peeled, and stay tuned for more news of my upcoming projects!


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