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Natalie Claro Releases a Densely Empathetic Single with, "Snow"

Floating in from Nashville, the alternative artist, singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Natalie Claro reflects on her empathetic ways with a ground-breaking single, "Snow."

Writing, producing, and creating all of her music solos, Natalie Claro is always one to touch on needed lyrical topics like politics, existential crisis, mental health, and confidence. After her cover of Gaga's hit, "Telephone" made waves on TikTok, Natalie Claro's career quickly hit the ground running without an end in sight.

Through her latest release, "Snow," Natalie Claro delivers the utmost soul and passion while letting listeners into her fragile state of mind. As she expands on her empathetic ways and deeply feeling the emotions of others, Natalie Claro and her accompanying instrumentals soar through the single with boundless emotion and power.

Jumping into the single "Snow," we're met with soft piano melodies and a somber violin. As the mid-tempo drums make their way in alongside Natalie Claro's vocals, she begins letting us into a saddening story of a natural-born empath. While touching on the weakness she feels when a loved one encounters life's trials and tribulations, Natalie Claro later expands on how her warmth eventually fades into the cold touch of snow.

We adore the honest and genuine lyrical approach that Natalie Claro has taken throughout this single, as listeners are bound to find a piece of themselves within her emotional and straightforward lyricism. While the instrumentals continue to unfold their punchy electric guitars and smashing drum breaks, the song comes to a reflective end while the instrumentals continue to mimic the ups and downs of Natalie Claro's ever-changing emotions.

Don't miss out on the emotional and genuine experience of Natalie Claro's recent single, "Snow," and find the personal single on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Natalie. We're incredibly impressed with the genuine and personal emotions you've placed into your recent single, "Snow." What inspired you to create a song surrounding your empathetic ways? It’s funny because this song isn’t much about empathy at all despite really sounding like it is- but rather past feelings of obligation to ‘people please’ so those I cared about would like me, even if I was hyper-extending myself. It took me years to find out who I truly was instead of trying to adhere to whoever was around me, and a few more years to allow my friendships to happen naturally. Sometimes I’d do everything I could to be the perfect friend to the point where I’d crumble and isolate myself, but I’ve grown so much since my teenage years and have the healthiest relationships I’ve ever experienced. It’s a cycle I never realized was so relatable, because we’re all guilty of being toxic to ourselves in ways we don’t realize. I always felt like there wasn’t much instruction on how to live life- we just kind of get thrown out into this world like someone being tossed out into a blizzard without a jacket. Instead of being afraid of mistakes, we can just embrace them and make a snow angel. Did you face any personal challenges when writing your vulnerable lyricism for "Snow?" What was your solo songwriting process like? I wrote all the lyrics to this song after a Ray LaMontagne concert that a close friend brought me to. (hi Jacob). I felt so inspired that I just spammed thoughts into my notepad app throughout the show until my phone battery died. When I got back to my Airbnb I had so much trouble reforming them into lines and working a melody out of them that I contemplated giving up multiple times. A few days following that, I tracked a bunch of midi piano in Logic and forgot to save my progress... the program crashed after hours of work and I’m honestly surprised I even bothered to finish this song at all. I really wanted melodic keys that had transitions between chords, and while stressful, it was really worth the mental fatigue. Seeing that you create and produce all of your instrumentals/sonics, what did you want your audience to feel and experience when listening to the sonics of your single, "Snow?" I wanted this song to have as many intricate layers as I could think of all while feeling theatrical, beginning as soft and flowing and erupting into huge instrumentals. The drums were especially difficult as I’ve been out of practice since moving into an apartment, but I did my best to incorporate some syncopation once I could knock out studio time. The violins were entirely cheated- I hadn’t picked mine up since middle school orchestra and needed a way for them to sound professional without using electronic instruments. I decided to slow down the song by 50% and play along at that speed before returning everything to the normal tempo, and then manually pitch-corrected each individual note. The end result was something I was very happy with- a song that romanticizes fault and growth.

How did you write your lyricism for "Snow" to not only tell your story but to allow listeners to relate and find a piece of themselves along the journey? I love this question!! I incorporate a lot of metaphors in my music and I’d like to believe it’s because when growing up, my father always used analogies and idioms while guiding me with my choices. To this day I sometimes have absolutely no clue what he’s telling me- but once it clicks, the representation of his point sticks with me. So now this is how I convey my ideas, it’s a broadway of sharing so that people can apply it to their own circumstances. I write a lot about internal feelings because it defies so many barriers. No matter what race, religion, gender, class, or any other community you come from, the same thing we all have our emotions. What's next for you?

I’m working on my next single which will have a video alongside it as well! In the meantime... Snow may or may not have a remix coming out soon. (It’s called Snow - Reprise.) Stay tuned! Thank you BuzzMusic LA!


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