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Natalie Nichole Shares Her Latest Single, "Come Over"

Being an all-rounded talented being, Natalie has been performing for as long as she can remember, from featuring in dancing groups, talent shows, TV Shows, Commercials to youth organizations such as NYA and HYPE. She gained even more experience in sessions for artists like Disney Star Coco Jones as well.

Natalie auditioned for Nick Cannon's "#SignMeToNCredible" challenge via Instagram & she won! She then appeared on 2 of Nick Cannon's projects & then released a single with Ncredible Ent. in 2019.

Natalie's discography keeps flourishing. With her latest release, she has us hooked to the angelic, soulful, and romantic waves from beginning to end. She's in conversation with a male figure that she wants to make amends with, explaining that the past few months in the relationship have been rough and busy. She feels like she's falling out of touch, tired of being friends, and exhausted from all of the pretending from him.

In this record, she longs for his presence again, but she has zero patience left for any games. She wants him back but can't sacrifice her peace of mind for his old ways any longer. You can feel the emotion through her stand-out vocals in the track, yearning for the love they once had.

"Come Over" is another R&B classic by the young legend. With her releasing more music this summer of 2022, there is no limit to what she could get into.

How long have you been creating music professionally?

It's a pleasure to be here. Thank you for having me! I'm so grateful you enjoy the music. I put my heart and soul into it. To answer your question, I've been creating music professionally (on a bigger scale, with official marketing plans and rollouts in place) for the last eleven years. Although, I was performing and getting in my 10,000hrs long before that since I was like five years old.

What was the process like writing for Disney Star "CoCo Jones"?

I got the opportunity to write for Coco Jones by being at an ASCAP convention in Hollywood in 2016. Some other writers that were already scheduled to have a session with her were attending the festivities, and we ended up networking. They had a huge mansion in the hills for a group of writers to have a creative session for CoCo, and she attended as well. She's a lovely singer. I came with a lot of material prepared for her. She and I were a lot closer in age than all the other grown men at the session. I feel we connected a bit more than any of the other writers in attendance. I'd love the opportunity to work with her again. She's doing great on the new show BEL AIR. I forget how much I've done while on my journey at times. Thanks for asking great questions. I like being able to reflect.

After rubbing shoulders with many well-recognized names, what are some of the things you took away from all the experiences that helped you on your journey as an independent artist?

I've learned that no matter how many well-recognized names you work with, none of that really matters. The most important thing is your approach to your dreams and planning out an execution for your own success—opportunities to work with majors and otherwise should just be icing on the cake throughout your journey. I've never been one to piggyback off of the people I'm around. I've been in the room with people like Nick Cannon & Yvng Swag, collaborated and written for them, even sang or performed with them but overall, you walk away and continue your own rhythm to get further and further in your career. A lot of times, when you're around big names, they have their own agenda, and if someone comes along that they want to "help," - they have a set idea for that process. As a person that they might want to "help," It's up to you to know when to jump in and out of opportunities or situations. Not every situation that looks cool is made for you to stay in.

What's the message you want to deliver to your fans in your single, "Come Over?"

"Come Over" is a feel-good song with hints of reality. I think everyone has had a relationship they absolutely adore but have had to take a break from or even walk away from, only to rekindle a flame that was destined to be more than a spark. This song depicts the reality of a relationship and what can sometimes happen even if you're in love. The everyday person has a job, has to work, or has kids and at times may need to put a relationship on hold to tend to responsibilities. I know as an artist, I'm extremely busy and have been in this exact situation multiple times. I wrote based on what's real. All my songs are rooted in my reality and often resemble many people's lifestyles. As far as the message I want to deliver to my fans. I want them to catch a vibe. There's always a hint of sexy in every song I write. A recurring goal of mine is to have my listener feel sexy and open to their emotions.

Creating an independent record label is always a leap of faith. What's the one piece of advice you'd like to tell someone who's trying to do the same?

Don't. I'm just kidding. I would tell someone that's looking to start their own label that it's honestly easier than ever to do, but it's not for everyone. It's one thing to operate for yourself, under your own label, and execute rollouts, but it's an entirely different ball game to incorporate other artists. You often have to deal with several different personality types and be ready for whatever gets thrown at you. I'd recommend having a strong mission statement, and before bringing on, anyone, have a thorough audition process.

After the initial auditioning process, I'd have a solid year of demo and then revisit the desired trajectory for your artist(s). A lot of times, once artists see what all goes into running their musical business/career, they bow out. It's happened to me several times over while working with other artists. My label Indience Music Group doesn't operate like a typical 1950s record label that creates artists and basically owns and runs their entire life. I base my business on true work ethic and the artist being involved in their career. We don't do all the work for you. We TEACH you so you can run and OWN yourself. Indience doesn't look for artists to create. We provide resources and knowledge to those that want to take their careers to the next level and genuinely benefit from doing so the correct way.

What's next for you?

Well, I went on a four-month hiatus from November 2021 - to February 2022. Everyone thought I was taking an actual break to relax, but instead, I was diving into the cryptocurrency / NFT world. I created a coin through called the N27 $DOVE Coin (; it's available for purchase only on along with my NFTs created on the polygon blockchain just like the recent Superbowl NFL tickets. I was already personally investing in other cryptos like SHIB, BIT, etc., and loved the idea of having my own community currency. My fans, #DoveNation, are able to purchase my coins to redeem the experiences and NFTs I've created.

Experiences range from FaceTime calls, Tickets to live shows, or me showing up in their city to perform for a small group of friends. Not only was I diving into my own currency, but I was distributing my best-selling book "It Was God: The Natalie Nichole Story '' worldwide on all other platforms like Barnes & Noble, etc. Amazon was where it was initially released in September 2021. I wanted more people to have access to my story, so I took it even further. I ended up doing several auditions with my acting management, The ESI Network, alongside my agent at Sovereign Talent Agency for TV & Film roles and even caught Covid. I locked myself in the studio, filmed music videos, and was heavily planning my 2022 musical rollouts along with upcoming interviews, shows, and more! What people can expect NEXT is MORE from music, shows, press, interviews, videos, content to cool opportunities involving my book & acting. There's so much on the way. I'd say the best thing to do is just stay tuned & get involved in the #DoveNation community.


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