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NateThePrince Is Down To Press Rewind And Try “One More Time”

The Flower City native isn’t down to leave things as they ended. Born in the suburbs of Mississauga and raised in Brampton, Nathaniel, also known as NateThePrince, is a rising star in the Canadian rap scene. With a passion for music deep in his veins and city, Nate has been making waves with his ear for infectious rhymes and catchy melodies.

Like many before, Nate's musical journey started as a hobby, with him freestyling to his favourite tracks and sharing them on YouTube. However, his drive, willingness to work and ability to create catchy melodies and lyrics quickly separated him from his peers. It wasn’t long before his natural talent for rap got him some local buzz, and he quickly gained a loyal following. With his smooth flow and introspective lyrics, Nate's music is relatable and speaks to the struggles and triumphs of different aspects of everyday life.

NateThePrince’s latest release, “One More Time,” shows off his versatility and ability to fuse hip-hop and the more melodic genre of R&B. Over smooth, elegant instrumentals that blur the lines between rap and R&B, NateThePrince’s melodic bars transport you to his world. For example, when Nate drops the chorus, “Try one more time / hate the way it ended can we press rewind,” he does so with a sincerity that cuts and makes it feel like he’s talking directly to you. With an electric stage presence and infectious personality, there’s no limit to how far he can take it.

So if you haven't heard NateThePrince's music yet, now is the time to start listening. With his unique sound and undeniable talent, he's poised to impact rap significantly. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream NateThePrince’s “One More Time.” available now on all major streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, NateThePrince! We loved “One More Time.” It was such a melodic listen! It was almost like we got enveloped in the song! We must ask, can you take us through the creative process you went through making it?

My creative process always starts with how the beat makes me feel, which determines the type of vibe I want to give to those listening. So when I heard the way it started, I knew this would be a song where I wanted you to feel something, and when the beat dropped, it would also be a song that you could also groove to. I also wanted to make it relatable as there are many relationships where it ends, but you still love that person and want it to work out hence why I named the song “One More Time."

You mentioned you were born in Mississauga and raised in Brampton. Both places are super multicultural, right? What was your experience like growing up there, and how did it influence who you are as an artist?

Growing up there, I had a good experience where I spent my childhood. Growing up there influenced me as an artist as many people from the city are talented and show that Toronto isn’t the only place where talented artists come from.

How would you describe your music to new listeners?

I would describe my music to new listeners as catchy as I feel like the melodies I have in my songs can stick with people, relatable as I feel my music can connect with people based on what’s going on in their lives, and all around good vibes as I aim to make songs that can make people feel good.

What are you trying to achieve with your music?

What I’m trying to achieve with my music right now is to do live performances, as that can help bring in more of an audience and introduce people to good music that they may not have heard before.

What’s next for NateThePrince? Can we expect to hear more new music soon?

What’s next for me is to continue to push this song and other songs I’ve released that I feel should get more recognition. So no new music for now, but if I were to give a time stamp on when I want to drop another song, it would be in the Summer.


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