NateThePrnce Released The Paradise Like Vibe, “Til The Sun Set”

NateThePrnce is a Canadian born artist who is back with yet another single. This time, for the summer it’s titled “Til The Sun Set”.

NateThePrnce is taking you to the islands with “Til The Sun Set” and this island like record is taking you through paradise with a groove you won’t forget. Imagine experiencing a vacation without physically experiencing it? Just creatively building the setting and atmosphere around you thanks to the vibrations from the music you’re hearing. This is exactly what NateThePrnce does with “Til The Sun Set”. He changes your entire mood and it’s an overwhelming positive sensation. You escape through the music and it’s like an everlasting feeling of celebration and resilience packed in a three minute and eighteen-second time span. NateThePrnce shows us that artistry is important. He unravels himself in “Til The Sun Set”, now it’s up to the listener to attain the vision! If you are a listener who just wants to have a good time this is definitely the song for you with it's up-tempo production it will be hard for you to stay still.

Listen to Til The Sun Set here.