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Nathan Kay & Jacob Sigman Make Waves With “Cardiac Arrest”

Los Angeles-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Nathan Kay teams up with the sweet stylings of vocalist Jacob Sigman for a stunning new single titled "Cardiac Arrest."

Also, a trumpeter traveling the nation with the live band Quinn XCII, Nathan Kay's musical diversity knows no bounds. When he's not swooning live crowds at local clubs, he's building his craft as a producer alongside a rotating cast of talented musicians, singers, and songwriters. And this July, he's treating listeners to his debut collection of tracks as a producer, performer, and writer.

He's setting the tone with his newest release alongside Jacob Sigman, "Cardiac Arrest." It's possibly one of the grooviest songs we've heard this year, blurring the lines between pop, R&B, and alternative while setting our speakers ablaze with vivid storytelling. It's a stimulating yet chill listening experience that truly anyone can get down with.

Diving deeper into "Cardiac Arrest," this sweet new single opens with the smoothest R&B drums and keys that linger into the first verse alongside Sigman's equally soothing vocals. Not even one minute into this track, Nathan Kay and Jacob Sigman have captured our undivided attention with pristine production and catchy melodies that, in our eyes, make this song radio-ready.

The hook unleashes all the passion and lusts a quality R&B song should, hitting you in all the right places with Sigman's sugary vocals emphasizing the paralyzing beauty and presence of someone special. And Nathan Kay's production rounds it out to perfection—making this one of the hottest collaborations we've seen this year.

Hear it yourself and find Nathan Kay and Jacob Sigman's new single, "Cardiac Arrest," on all digital streaming platforms.


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