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Nathan Sanders Paints An Auditory Image Glistening In, "Cosmic Rehab"

Residing in the San Francisco Bay Area, Nathan Sanders is an American record producer hailing from Berkeley California.

Keeping it in the family, Nathan Sanders has worked his hardest with his brother Tyrone Sanders in order to create albums, before reaching out to other artists and making their dreams come true.

Starting off 2021 with a sonic voyage of 7 tracks, Nathan Sanders presents, “Final Days and Time.” A collection of reverberated delicacies fit on one EP.

Taking a deep dive into, “Cosmic Rehab,” the sixth song to be heard on his EP, we hear an otherworldly arrangement sprinkled in eclectic musical resonance.

By not placing any emphasis on intricate lyrics, we submit ourselves to an elusive state of mind where we can take-off into the wandering dreamscape at hand.

The minimal lyrical motif in this extensive composition stands out brightly; “Will you be alright? Will you be alright?” Shifting the perspective in our minds, our deep-rooted journey to search for meaning is caught off guard by the number of flags that this question raises.

Four words so simplistic, yet so powerful when paired with the proper thought process and indefinable instrumentation engrossing our headphones. Nathan Sanders emits a creative spark that ignites like no other.

Exhausting his artistic versatility to set an atmospheric universe that heightens senses, is a goal that many set out to do, but few accomplish. Continuously working on his craft to level up in order to transport us on an auditory journey, custom to himself, we are filled with a string of emotions that have lit bulbs in our minds for days to come.

Congratulations on the release of, “Cosmic Rehab,” off of your EP, “Final Days and Time.” With an in-depth search of the true meaning behind this song, could you please share your insight as to the message placed behind it?

“Cosmic Rehab” is a healing session. As you set yourself free physically and spiritually and look into the cosmos for deep inspiration, peace, and self-discovery you immediately enter into the “Cosmic Rehab”.

What went into the production and recording process in order to bring, “Cosmic Rehab,” to life?

I would say a lot of motivation from the universe. Also making new beats to give me the proper foundation to tell my story of my experience with the universe and the message it is trying to give us.

What is your ideal creative atmosphere to get artistic in?

I need Jazz music playing in the background, my salt lamps on and a room all to myself to unleash positive energy as I create my music.

What else can listeners expect from the collected works in, “Final Days and Time?"

Listeners can expect good solid beats and music that can resonate with them. A set of positive vibes and music.

What can we expect to see next from you?

I have another album following “Final Days and Time”, it is entitled “Land of the Gods."



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