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Navigate Through a Revolutionary "Emergency," with Death By Piano

Mixing together the sounds of its native borough, electronic beats, distinctive analog instrumentation, and a thick brew of strings and synths, the miscellany of resonance is sifted through a reconstructive filter, centered by KALEN’s lush and expansive voice.

Delving into the ominous soundscape of Death By Piano’s most recent single “Emergency,” we are familiar with the dark undertones layered through emotive intricacy and frightful bliss in the amalgamation of artistic genius. With the vibrant music video currently being released, “Emergency,” is taking our attention to a futuristic film component that captures the essence of Death By Piano’s uncanny echoes.

Collaborating with Cameron Whitehouse in order to portray the neon-filled animated visuals, the enticing elements drenched into “Emergency sonically, are transitioning to the cinematic motions that occur when we navigate through an electric city filled with mystery and copious cerulean neon lights. As we convert to the dominance shifted from male to female lead vocal in the track, the visuals expand as we are guided through the futuristic landscape wreaking havoc on the city by an otherworldly takeover.

Matching the tempo and intensity as we sit and bask in the thorough unification of auditory and pictorial atmospheres, we admire the manner in which Death By Piano elaborates a tale through their lyrical content, which is then tapered into an abstract visual concept.

“Emergency,” is the type of song and music video that lingers in your mind as it lurks through the crevasses of unpredicted exploration, and Death By Piano makes damn sure of that.

We love the full concept explored through the sonic and visuals elements of “Emergency.” Could you please take us into what prompted the lyrical perception of this song? It was all Cameron Whitehouse. The song was about intense personal relationships coming to a head. That can be with oneself or a loved one. But eventually personal and collective choices must be made. Cameron took this and abstracted it further to themes of good and evil and made the setting our chosen hometown, NYC, just as NY was suffering from multiple crises.

When did you know the visuals would shine on a revolutionary brilliance? Could you please take us into your representation of the music video? Again, it was all Cameron. We’ve been friends for many years and I’ve been following his artistic career over the past decade. I got really into these fluid-particle simulations he was posting and he finally agreed to work with me on something. Haha. So...we embarked on collaborating on all three songs. Really, though, I trusted him and gave him a lot of space to do whatever he thought was cool and communicate visually however the songs moved him. We would touch base periodically and I’d give a little feedback...we’d bat around some ideas, but mostly it was Cam. What was it like working with Cameron Whitehouse in order to achieve the vision? How long did this concept take to bring to life? He’s a doll. It took a while because Cam’s regular work is bonkers, but it happened in its time. It was a pleasure. What are you hoping that your audience takes away from the themes and messaging in “Emergency?" Whatever the f*ck they want. But also, to let their light prevail. What's next for you? The Hellish EP will be released late this spring, all with custom art by Dan Mandell and an epic music video by Lena Rudnick.



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