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Need A Pick Me Up? Throw On “No Bad Days” By Katie Ferrara To Brighten The Mood

Los Angeles based alternative pop singer-songwriter Katie Ferrara writes honest and authentic music with an ethereal flair. Capturing audiences around the globe with the purity of her spirit and rising from an unknown busker to participating in the competition “Feeling the Street” in 2015 that was held in New Zealand, Katie has a “tender approach to life that bursts from her guitar and vocal chords in a way that is both charming and reassuring.” (Buzz Music). She has performed at notable European festivals such as Edinburgh Fringe and is not only a song writer but has written about her experience meeting people through music in a book called “Stories from the Street”. Katie is known for being an international artist, and has recently stepped into the Los Angeles music scene performing regularly at the Hotel Café main stage and second stage.

Down-to-earth track “No Bad Days” is a beautiful mix of vivacious sounds, touching lyrics and Katie’s exceptional vocals. This eclectic song is a combination of genres that can easily lift your spirit if you are having a hard day, with the bright emotions that are felt through each note and the addicting lyrics that are sure to get stuck in your head as well as get you singing along. Katie’s brilliant voice has a large range and she is able to showcase it exceptionally well throughout this track. “As long as the sun comes up, gonna celebrate” and “As long as I breathe then your gonna hear me say Oh” are just some of the uplifting words that are found in this magical tune and that I found stuck out to me on a personal level. The earthy sounds along with the beautiful mix of guitar, a variety of drums, maracas and many other instruments, “No Bad Days” is a song that can get your head bobbing and foot tapping. It is said that music is good for the soul and “No Bad Days” is a song that will relax, refresh and leave you feeling serene after a good listen.

Listen to "No Bad Days" here and get to know more about Katie Ferrara below!

Hey Katie! You have a fantastic voice! Tell us a bit more about yourself.

I am an singer songwriter from Los Angeles and I’m currently working on releasing my first full length album. A lot of people know me in this town for my busking escapades-I’ve traveled all over Europe doing it and kickstarted my career in music by street performing in Burbank. I wrote a book about these experiences and will be writing a second volume pretty soon. Beyond that, I think I am a pretty down to earth person. I love cats, hiking in nature and cooking good food. Sometimes when I’m not playing music I do cooking live streams on periscope and show my fans what I’m making for dinner which usually involves a recipe containing lemons. 

I studied psychology at college and I would say that I’m a very philosophical and spiritual person. I’m curious about understanding myself and how we’re all connected to each other. 

Do you find that you often write songs that touch your listeners on a personal level?

Some of my songs are personal and others are not. The type of song that I write really just depends on what kind of message I want to convey. I would say that No bad days is far from personal in the lyrical content -it’s just a feel good song about practicing gratitude. 

My other songs like Jackets, Lost in the Wires, Hiding, Picking apples for example-those are all personal songs because they stem from experiences that have happened in my own life. I think songs that connect people on a personal level are ones that say things that people don’t always have the courage and power to say. When I was writing those songs, I was making statement and directing them at specific people in my life. 

Can you tell us what the creative process for “No Bad Days” was like and what inspired you to write it?

No Bad days was a co-write I did with my friends Ted Wulfers and Patricia Bahia. I sought out both of them as songwriters because I felt like we could write something catchy and uplifting that people could sing a long to. For me at least, it’s really easy to write a sad breakup song. Doing a co-write was easier for me to write in a new way. I had more ideas to work with. Patricia writes a lot of positive music-I think because she has had to overcome a lot in her life-she is an ovarian cancer survivor. We chatted about that before writing because my dad had cancer (lymphoma)  for 15 years before he passed away. I think what helped him live for so long was his attitude. He was just happy to have a family and a house in LA. I think overcoming these obstacles in our personal lives were  sources of inspiration in writing the song. Appreciation and gratitude are things that we need to practice everyday. The world is a sad place and it’s so easy to let small things ruin your day. You could lose all your money, become injured or get sick-there’s always going to be something that doesn’t go right and you can either look at it with defeat or look at it as a challenge. The song started with a beat that Ted made . Then I started playing some guitar chords, meanwhile Patricia started talking about breakfast and how she likes coffee. That led into the first lyrics of the song “I opened my eyes and tasted the morning”. The second verse has some lyrics about “dropping the ball” because Ted loves baseball. We wanted some imagery of some kind of sport because life is not always about winning or losing its about giving it your best. 

What artists inspire you to write new music?

I’m really into Kacey Musgraves right now. I love her album Golden Hour. I love how she can talk about really deep topics in her music  in an innocent and simple way. I think when we were writing No Bad Days I was listening to Mumford and Sons and MGMT. 

What are some of the instruments that you used to create the sound in “No Bad Days”?

The song is actually pretty basic- it’s centered around a lot of vocal production and whistling. I played the Korg keyboard, acoustic guitar and Ted programmed the beat, bass and organ. Believe it or not there’s also harmonica in there! 

Do you have any new music or performances in the works for 2019?

I’m finishing up another music video to release this summer of a song that will be on my full length record. Stay tuned! As far as performances go, I am planning a small east coast tour in August-I’ll be playing at Rockwood Music Hall on Aug 2nd and Musicfest in Pennsylvania on Aug 3rd! More dates TBA. 


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