“Needs” Is a Sultry New R&B Classic From Josh Dion

Talented singer, songwriter and rapper Josh Dion is making a name for himself through his hometown of Chicago. At only 24 years old, Josh Dion just dropped his new album “Highs And Lows, Vol 1”. Growing up with a father who’s a drummer and singer, and a mother who is a firefighter, Josh grew up with a passion and ambition like no other. A multi-instrumentalist, Josh play guitar and bass. He’s always trying to find ways to blend and balance rapping and singing through his incredible music.

“Needs” is a smooth new banger from Josh Dion that we’re bumping on repeat. The transcendent new single blurs the lines between hip-hop and R&B and we’re here for it. With hypnotizing elements of old school R&B and soul, Josh Dion adds a heavy beat and raps prolific rhymes in between sultry hooks. “Needs” is an ambient eccentric track that bend-genres in a brilliant chaos. Josh Dion’s lyrics transition from emotional to seductive with ease. Overall this sexy single is perfect for anyone to vibe to if the want to set the mood or reminisce about simpler 90’s R&B times. Josh Dion’s on his way to the top and rising quickly, the self-made artist just dropped his 19 track album! I highly recommend you check it out and keep up with Josh Dion for his future musical endeavors.  

Check out “Needs” here and read more with Josh Dion below!

Hi Josh! Can you tell us more about yourself and what inspires you to write music?

So I’ve been involved in music since I was a kid. My father is drummer and a singer. He’s been doing music forever so I come from a creative family. 

Can you describe your stage presence and live performance?

I'm more of a laidback performer. I try to to engage the crowd but I kinda get lost in the music. So I'm almost experiencing the music the way the audience is.

“Needs” is a great song! Can you tell us the meaning behind it?

Needs is about a man so encapsulated in the girl he loves that he’s trying whatever he can to please her romantically. He’s trying to go above and beyond.

What challenges did you face when writing this single and how did you overcome them?

I had a hard time really finding the cadence and key for the verses. I really wanted variety vocally.

What makes you so passionate about music and how do you continue to feed that passion?

Music for me is like therapy. I get a lot of the emotions I keep muted on a daily basis out. I feel like music is the purest form of communication honestly. Can release love, hate, happiness and anger in a way that the masses can digest it. I feed this passion by continually creating and writing lol!


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