Neekull Brings an Empowering Performance With Her Recent Release, "Distance"

The Los Angeles born and raised singer-songwriter and R&B/Pop artist Neekull takes us through her post-breakup thoughts with the sweet escape of a single, "Distance."

Although she wasn't born into a musical family, Neekull was always fascinated by the art of music and how it could alleviate one's emotions while also trigger them. After graduating from LACM, Neekull was as inspired as ever to collaborate and make a name for herself not only in Los Angeles but worldwide.

When asked about her recent single, "Distance," Neekull stated that the piece is ultimately a song about someone who brought a relationship down, which led Neekull to need distance more than ever. Through the smoothest R&B instrumentation and production, Neekull exudes a similar flair and attitude to that of Summer Walker, primarily through her passionate and empowering performance.

Listening to "Distance," the track opens with a blissful electric guitar accompanied by the warmest of R&B keys that offer the song an intriguing ambiance. As Neekull enters the song with her melodic and angelic vocals, she begins singing the trials and tribulations that a past relationship brought.

As we move further into the song, we must note the incredible R&B production that hums us into a deep slumber with its lullaby tones, especially with help from Neekull's dreamy vocal stylings that glimmer through our speakers. We're highly impressed with Neekull's performance on this piece as she states her need for distance from those who bring her down.