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Neekull Expands On a Relationship's Turmoil in, "Let Go"

The Los Angeles-based emerging r&b artist and singer-songwriter Neekull opens up about a troubled relationship with the release of her silky-smooth single, "Let Go."

Neekull's safe space consists of being locked in her bedroom with her guitar in hand, a similar atmosphere that triggers incredible and emotionally charged releases. After performing her way around Los Angeles, Neekull studied at the Los Angeles College of Music in Pasadena, which helped her explore and navigate her sound that moves mountains.

Delving into an emotional and saddened theme for her latest single, "Let Go," listeners are able to bask in the vocal glory that Neekull has to offer while nodding their heads with her highly relatable lyricism. When asked about the single, Neekull mentioned this, "'Let Go' is a song about realizing that you're in a relationship with somebody who is only staying around because it's convenient."

Starting our venture into "Let Go," the song begins with a soothing male vocal that sings an emotional message alongside a tender array of r&b instrumentals. As Neekull begins serenading us with her angelic vocals overtop of the downtempo r&b instrumentals, she begins to elaborate on the song's emotional lyrical theme of not being loved right and feeling that a needed goodbye is in store.

We absolutely adore the soothing and dreamy vibe of this single, as it perfectly allows Neekull to delve deeper into her lyricism that's bound to tug on anyone's heartstrings. Not to mention the plucky and organic bassline, guitars, and crisp drum breaks, this track truly embodies the emotion and heartbreak one goes through during an unfortunate breakup.

Allow your heart to sing along with Neekull's honest and emotional lyricism in "Let Go," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Neekull. We're more than impressed with the genuine emotion and passion you've placed into your recent single, "Let Go." Could you describe the moment that inspired and compelled you to release your emotions via song and create this piece?

This record started with the production. Noeha, who produced the track, started off with the beat and from there, Marcelo who played guitar on the track, played over the beat, and like at that moment we had the vibe we wanted. We really just let ourselves create, with no intention, and once we had a solid foundation we took a step back to decide what we're going to write about. Noeha and I freestyled and just picked lines we liked when we played it back. I guess when I had a rough track to listen to, that's when I was inspired.

Who was the featured male vocalist within the chorus on "Let Go?" Why did you want to add a haunting male vocal to the track?

The other voice is Noeha Rose. He's also the producer of this song. Honestly, it wasn't planned. We were just in the studio throwing ideas out and Noeha originally came up with the chorus line so he recorded himself for reference. Eventually, we recorded my vocals but I never wanted to take his vocals out once hearing them. It just made sense to have it the way we made it.

Why did you choose to keep the instrumentals and sonics for "Let Go" rather organic? Did you have any session musicians help create the instrumental arrangements?

The only live instrument we have on this track is the guitar. A lot of what we did was unintentional. I think... Everything about the sessions we have is just so natural and organic. We lean into each other and just trust the process. There's just the three of us. Marcelo plays guitar and bass for the sessions. Then there's Noeha and I. Honestly we're just hanging out and creating. It's a privilege to work with people who don't make me feel like I'm working. We don't throw deadlines out or force ideas. Honestly, it's the best way to go about it. More just comes out when you don't feel limited or pressured, you feel me?

If there was one thing that listeners could take away from "Let Go," what would you want that to be?

For me, this song is hella vibes haha. I just want others to have a song that relates to their experience and emotions. I hope this song can be like a timestamp to somebody. You know that one song that comes on your shuffle and immediately you're like revisiting a specific time in your life? I want that for listeners.

What can we expect to see next from you?

Music and Tiktoks cause I'm lowkey getting addicted hahaha


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