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Neika Simone Has Our Emotions Fully Charged With "My Door"

Soulful singer-songwriter Neika Simone is here to soothe heartbreaks with the release of her powerful break-up single titled "My Door." With significant influences like Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, and Nancy Wilson, Neika Simone has a powerful vocal range, dynamic expanse of emotions, and an intoxicating rhythm diversity.

Her gift for songwriting is on full display with the intimate offering of "My Door." A passionate soundscape accompanied by a lyric video so you can further dissect the motion and storytelling in Neika Simone's artistic style. Acting as a grand anthem for women far and wide, Hannon D. Lane and Victor Nelson produced a song that exudes a groove that has us feeling the music in every way. Neika Simone's vocals showcase vulnerability and authentic emotion.

Her lyrical motifs remain sparse so the audience can truly hang onto the words she shares. Offering a glimpse into heartache through her personal experiences, Neika Simone has you drawn towards her tantalizing energy. We admire how the instrumentation immerses us in the smooth and buttery vibes that smooth jazz has on us. Bringing out the best in Neika Simone's melodic vocal tone, the harmonies in the realm of "My Door" provide us with a nourished soul.

Elevating her angelic croons, Neika Simone heightens our emotions and has us appreciating each peak and valley we tour through her heart. So if you're looking to relate and feel the soul in a welcoming way, "My Door" is the exemplary record to grace your favorite playlist.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Neika Simone, and congratulations on the release of "My Door." With such a passion-fuelled song, was there a particular moment or story that inspired its creation?

Thank you! I won't say that there was one particular incident that occurred. Instead, it was a build-up of relationships that ended badly over time. I'm a very patient person, but I've had enough when I've had enough!

Have you always been as vulnerable in the music you create?

I don't know any other way to be. My mother told me for years that I wear my heart on my sleeve. I never knew that could be a blessing and useful in songwriting, but I'm glad that it's worked out that way.

How important is it for you to hold onto this trait when songwriting?

It's extremely important. I love listening to music that gives me the feels, whether it's joy, nostalgia, pain, or love. I want whatever it is that I write to be felt and vibed to.

What would you like "My Door" to say about you as an artist and individual?

I feel that "My Door" says that I write songs that are relatable but have a musical kick! "My Door" also says that I might write a song about you if you cross

What was the most memorable experience you had when creating this track?

I remembered listening to the music and simply enjoying it. The hook came, and the verses followed shortly thereafter.

What's next for you?

I am working on some performances for late spring and this summer. Check my website and social media pages for dates and locations. I'm also heading back into the studio to work on more music to release later this year. The sky is the limit, and I want to go farther than the eye can see!


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