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Neil Nathan Promotes Peace & Love In, "The Folly of War"

Natural-born storyteller, singer-songwriter, and folk-rock recording artist Neil Nathan releases a heartfelt anti-war anthem with his latest single and music video, "The Folly of War."

Whenever gracing Neil Nathan's tunes, expect the versatile recording artist to move you. He prides himself on lyrical compositions that transport listeners beyond reality. His dynamic rock, the alternative-folk sound is reminiscent of acts like Cat Stevens, George Harrison, Band of Horses, and Wild Pink.

Neil Nathan brings a new meaning to life, love, and loss with his latest single and music video, "The Folly of War." The song itself is a gentle and warm folk song where Neil Nathan serenades us with his spirited vocals, singing an anthem of togetherness, lending a helping hand, and uniting as one.

Neil Nathan's song and video, "The Folly of War," were created to raise money for World Central Kitchen, providing meals for displaced Ukrainians.

Jumping into the new music video, the scene begins with bright piano melodies, Neil Nathan's soothing vocals, and nostalgic images of past wars. As soldiers march to the battle lines and hide for safety, we shift into scenes of loved ones embracing each other and offering support during times of need.

Throughout the video, Neil Nathan switches it up and offers a sense of togetherness through cheerful animations of "anti-war" protests, peace bombs exploding, and planes dropping their good wishes onto lands in need. This modern anti-war video truly moved us, and Neil Nathan's compelling performance is equally exceptional.

Spread love, peace, and unity with help from Neil Nathan's new music video, "The Folly of War," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Neil Nathan. We want to thank you for releasing such a hopeful and meaningful music video like "The Folly of War." What was your main goal with this music video?

Thanks for having me! With The Folly of War vid, our plan was to juxtapose more hopeful imagery with the horrible realities of war, without getting too gory about it. And to create something impactful, engaging, and somewhat unique. The song despite its heavy topical fare, is also a bit ethereal and light somehow, a kind of pensive meditation on the contradictions in human nature, the kindness and the brutality. We wanted the visuals to align with that feeling.

Who helped create the animations and edits for the music video, "The Folly of War?" What sort of visual experience did you want to offer viewers?

This music vid collaborated with Artemis Visuals I worked with on last Summer's "You're My Lady" and "All Together" vids, and Daniela Saavedra who usually creates my promotional gifs. I loved what she was creating with her first two gifs, so I was inspired to keep going with that same theme of weapons of war-dropping flowers, peace, and love, rather than destruction. We then weaved them into the vintage war footage Artemis was craftily compiling.

Could you tell us more about your charity of choice, World Central Kitchen? Why are you raising funds for this particular organization?

My lovely wife turned me on to World Central Kitchen, and Chef José André's wonderful work providing food to people in need in the wake of natural disasters like the devastating earthquake in Haiti and Russia's War on Ukraine. So far, they've provided over 16 million meals to Ukrainian families. WCK is there on the ground, doing the urgent work, the human kindness I spoke of before, balancing that brutality in human nature. Though both sides of my family immigrated to the USA in the late 19th century, some on my father's side were from Ukraine.

Do you usually release songs and music videos to promote your advocacy efforts? Is social activism a recurring theme for your music?

I released a 9/11 20th Anniversary Tribute Single called The Guardrail in 2021 and we raised over $8k for the Fred Gabler Helping Hand Camp Fund, in honor of my childhood friend who passed that day. And a song called Election Day for the 2020 Election to raise money for Vote Save America. That one was lots of fun as we got a gang chorus going with many of my talented friends and their kids also recited a gonzo pledge of allegiance. Some artists of note who lent their skills...Tom D'Agustino of Home School, Mike "Slo-Mo Brenner of Wild Pink and Magnolia Electric Company, and Singer-Songwriter Colin McGrath. I also did a fun cover of John Lennon's Power To The People with the guys from Midlake as the backing band.

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