Nelson Falé Gets Us Moving With "Don't Wanna Know"

Belgium singer/songwriter Nelson Falé is blowing us away with his eclectic and powerful sound. As an artist who blends a variety of genres to curate unique musical stylings, Nelson Falé knows exactly what he's doing, and what kind of artist he is. The confidence pours off of Nelson, and his music is the perfect representation of his passion and vigor. Writing music from the early age of 5, we can easily tell Nelson takes the time and energy to craft his sounding to absolute eccentric perfection. You can count on his latest release, "Don't Wanna Know" to have you up and moving for sure!

What an eccentric music styling Nelson Falé captures in "Don't Wanna Know"! We feel rejuvenated with the imminent energy surging from the track, and the bubbly appearance Nelson's vocals bring is what ties the song in that perfect pop/electro/funk beat! Nelson Fale doesn't disappoint with the choice of production either--he nailed it with "Don't Wanna Know"! You can hear the extensive vocal experience within his music, and especially so in "Don't Wanna Know", where he's able to focus on a wide range of vocal dynamics for listeners. It's vivacious in every way possible, and we have to admit that we can't get enough of this feeling his music instills in us! We love hearing songs that can immediately turn your mood, and even day, around. Nelson Faléis the type of artist that can do exactly that, and with absolute grace. Nothing is fabricated about Nelson Falé, and that's what we ultimately appreciate the most. Nelson Falé is undoubtedly qualified as an artist, and continuously showcases such artistic abilities within every track he releases. Catch "Don't Wanna Know" below!

Access "Don't Wanna Know" here! Keep scrolling for our interview with Nelson!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Nelson! It's great to be showcasing "Don't Wanna Know" to our BuzzMusic community! Can you tell us about how the overall writing and recording process went for your latest release?

Thanks for the warm welcome, hmm Don't Wanna Know's a special song for me, as my 1st release, it's a story about my 1st love. I wrote it one evening i think of December 2016, then i kept it until October 2k18 when i read the lyrics and decided to hit the studio to record it. Thanks to my friend à producer Ivo Trilby, we made a good job and am pretty proud of it. Yet except Don't Wanna Know, you can here Somebody Help Me which I wrote when I was emotionally unstable it really expresses my state of mind during 2k16 and 2k17. Humm, I was sad, I was depressed, recording these made me get better.