New Artist On The Rise! G.Baby Releases The Seasonal Hit “Summer Time”

G. Baby is an artist who lives in Edmonton Alberta and is completely new to the music industry, but felt as if this was something he always wanted to do! Running away from the opinions of peers and classmates, G. Baby is back, focused, and ready to take the industry by storm!

G. Baby released the single titled “Summer Time”, ironically right when the highly anticipated summer vacation occurred! “Summer Time, when you look your best. “ “Feel the breeze, this is not a test.” “This is summertime, the barbecue season” were some of the lyrics he gave us in this record. It was pretty cool how he practically highlighted the current season that’s among us. This was a nice strategy in the promotion of “Summer Time”. Many people look for new music during the summer. I mean, I know I personally do! A good vibe to catch from “Summer Time” while riding around with a couple of friends who exudes good energy, with good weather and a happy mood, sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Well fortunately for us, G. Baby delivers a quarter of that perfect summer day with this hit single! The relaxing arrangement was effective in creating a nice cooling pace in vibrations for the listener. G. Baby shows us why rookies shouldn’t be underestimated, as he kills it with this well-seasoned hit!

Listen to "Summer Time" here and get to know more about G. Baby below!

Hey G. Baby! Knowing you’re completely new to the music industry, how has it been developing your sound, brand and style?

developing my style and sound even my brand is been difficult because it's a new wave of artists coming out two different generation now it's all about Melodies and good flow when it comes to music so I want to bring both into my music and I want to Target all age and all general public and people out there I don't want to stick to just rap and hip-hop I want to venture around to country , rock. Every type of music I want to get into it I want to have features with other artists from different genre of music and also when it comes to my flow it will switch depending on the music and the beat that I'm working on and the message and the vibe I'm trying to send.

Usually, some artists tend to have certain inspirations for their music. So we must ask! Who has inspired you in your personal career so far and why?

I'm just inspired by good music good flow catchy punchlines and lyrics I just like good music to drive to to sing along to to make you feel some type of way I want to make music when you're sad you can listen to one of my songs when you're hyper you could listen to one of my songs and when you're mad and Etc so my inspiration is just everything around me I catch myself driving ideas come to head to my mind for videos and music and I just go I use everything around me my environment as inspiration at this point of my young career

We LOVED “Summer Time”! It was released at the right time of the year! What was the overall aesthetic you were aiming for?

thank you very much and means alot I was nervous releasing summertime I didn't know how people would react to it but I'm getting positive feedback now I just need to put it in everybody's ears but I was aiming for for a song that people can go to a barbecue listen to Summertime when it's really hot outside you got a fresh haircut to get your nails done you go get your car washed you feel good about yourself you can play my music and I wanted to give lyrics that people can relate to at some point in their lives so summertime is just a feel-good music and I'm hoping to get it to as much people as I can so people could enjoy and make it into a summer anthem I appreciate the feedback means a lot

Were there any obstacles you faced in the making of “Summer Time”? How did you overcome these challenges?

I was my greatest obstacle I wrote summer times a few months ago I kept out in my lyrics if it was too much it was too little if it was catchy enough but but I just decided to stop overreacting and just believing in myself and believe in my ideas that I want to put on paper and on the music so I just have to suck it up and just release it and hoping everyone would enjoy it as much as I did while I was recording

When can we anticipate the next hit from you G. Baby?

songs are coming very very soon sometime this week I will be releasing two more songs hopefully everybody enjoys it I'm going to give you guys everything some R&B some love song some sad song Some Club bangers I'm here to give you guys all different type of flavors of music that you will enjoy it so thanks for the support hopefully G baby is here to stay I'm going to trust the process I'm going to give you guys the best music I could possibly give thanks again


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