New Artist On The Rise! G.Baby Releases The Seasonal Hit “Summer Time”

G. Baby is an artist who lives in Edmonton Alberta and is completely new to the music industry, but felt as if this was something he always wanted to do! Running away from the opinions of peers and classmates, G. Baby is back, focused, and ready to take the industry by storm!

G. Baby released the single titled “Summer Time”, ironically right when the highly anticipated summer vacation occurred! “Summer Time, when you look your best. “ “Feel the breeze, this is not a test.” “This is summertime, the barbecue season” were some of the lyrics he gave us in this record. It was pretty cool how he practically highlighted the current season that’s among us. This was a nice strategy in the promotion of “Summer Time”. Many people look for new music during the summer. I mean, I know I personally do! A good vibe to catch from “Summer Time” while riding around with a couple of friends who exudes good energy, with good weather and a happy mood, sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Well fortunately for us, G. Baby delivers a quarter of that perfect summer day with this hit single! The relaxing arrangement was effective in creating a nice cooling pace in vibrations for the listener. G. Baby shows us why rookies shouldn’t be underestimated, as he kills it with this well-seasoned hit!

Listen to "Summer Time" here and get to know more about G. Baby below!