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New Artist XIMXIA Releases Single “Pretend” in Anticipation of EP Release

From Upstate New York, artist XIMXIA is gearing up to release her debut EP, 'Anywhere But Here'.

Spending some time as a multi-instrumentalist drove XIMXIA to pursue her career as a solo artist, and she has been hard at work ever since. After receiving a positive response to her debut single release, XIMXIA is back to share her new song “Pretend”.

“Pretend” is a unique electro-pop single, embodying emotion and miscommunications that arise after a relationship ends. The hurt and confusion following a breakup can sometimes cloud our thoughts, and in this track, XIMXIA sings about the wondering why the other person didn’t see what was coming or acknowledge their part in the fallout.

The refreshing sound and melancholy concept balance out well, leaving you empathizing with the story but still jamming along to the beat. Her vocals move effortlessly from clear pop to a more potent and sedative sound, their versatility a drawing factor for XIMXIA’s music. Her original sound can be described as classical music meeting modern pop, an intriguing blend that works well with her voice and lyrical concepts.

XIMXIA’s passion for music pours out of her vocals, the emotion taking you along the story with her. XIMXIA’s EP is out in October 2020, so stay tuned for the release of “Anywhere But Here.”



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