New from Foxy Club Music, “This Ain’t About You” is Out Now!

Foxy Club Music is the epitome of real rock n' roll. The glamour, swagger, confidence and quirky lyricism pay homage to 1970’s glam rock in the most contemporary fashion. Inspired by T. Rex, David Bowie, and Roxy Music to name a few, Foxy Club Music brings its own brand of glam rock to the music scene. Brando Pablo is Foxy Club Music’s lead singer and songwriter who gets their listeners grooving along to their infectious hook-driven melodies and contagious charismatic delivery. Making their debut with a modern rendition of the 1971 classic “Hot Love”, they are back with their first original song “This Ain’t About You”

Foxy Club Music has written a retro yet classic tune for their latest single “This Ain’t About You”. Though it’s something of a grower, the track quickly manages to impress with its exploration of that central concept. The lyrics build up and up towards the resolve of the hook, always keeping things relevant as well as poetic and quite fascinating. You come to find yourself following this story-line along, connecting with the realness and emotion in Brando’s voice, and progressing with “This Ain’t About You” from the catchy verse tones to the brightness and absolution of the hook’s declaring sentiment. Where the classic sounds of a few decades ago absolutely come to mind, Foxy Club Music adds a refreshing and modern flair to everything that they do. “This Ain’t About You” is a brilliant song, superb lyrics, and a great structure and set-up.

Listen to “This Ain’t About You” here!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Foxy Club Music! We love your nostalgic sound! Can you introduce the members of the group and tell us about how Foxy Club Music came to fruition?

Thank you kindly! It's a pleasure to be with you.  My name is Brando Pablo and I play guitar and swoon and croon among other things in Foxy Club Music.  I compose, write, and record all my own material, so there is nobody to blame but myself! (laughs)  It's a one-man band, but I do have a small team of gorgeous personalities with exquisite facial features whom I trust to provide indispensable help in the recording proc