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NEW MUSIC: AM Dandy Releases True Rock Album “Secret Garden”

Alessandro "AM Dandy" Meynardi is an Italian guitarist and composer based in Boston (MA), USA. Born Mondovì, a small village in North West Italy, AM Dandy has been playing guitar since he was nine years old. Currently attending the Berklee College of Music in Boston, AM Dandy already has an impressive musical repertoire under his belt. Strongly influenced by iconic artists such as Steve Vai, Frank Zappa, Pat Metheny, Guthrie Govan, Santana and some others, his diverse musical background is consequence of these influences. 

Out now, AM Dandy’s album “Secret Garden” begins with “Pro Logos”. Hard-hitting guitar riffs and thunderous dum lines start the track off to an incredible launch. The contagious melody blends perfectly with the trailing sound arrangements. Elements of hard contemporary rock blend with elements of classic rock in a brilliant musical chaos. “Pro Logos” moves into a pummelling guitar solo to melt your face off. We love what we’re hearing so far and so do AM Dandy’s listeners. As the album “Secret Garden” transitions into the next track, “Modern Urban Midnight” we get a taste of groovy transitions and soundscape. The song explodes into classic rock vibes reminiscent of retro vibes. High energy all the way through, AM Dandy showcases his undeniable skill-set.

Next on the album is “Golden Dew”, a light hearted track that bounces through infectious melodies and intricate riffs. With more of a storytelling element, AM Dandy delivers powerful and quirky rhythms. He lays down some tight grooves to move into “Echoes From The Sun”, a tropical vibe laden song. Fresh and ground-breaking sound arrangements in AM Dandy’s track “346 Beacon St Boston” have me blown away. The talented guitarist has inspiring and special ideas when it comes to creating music. AM Dandy’s chemistry with music is evident through the speakers.

The next track “Make It Happen” features perfect timing and tempo, everything is flawless and finely-calibrated while the sultry change in tone is a refreshing new twist to an impressive album. Next up is “Earth Sacrifice”, the alluring riffs at the beginning of the track are the perfect intro to a hard hitting rock hit. Dedication to craft in the detail is admirable while the infectious and vivid music fused together is awakening. “Passion Machine” brings us a spectacular Santana intro and moves into AM Dandy’s authentic flare.

”Best Way To Leave Someone” is a melancholic and alluring track made to lure you in and then blow your mind with the soundscapes and rhythmic textures. Layered guitars, ground breaking solos and emotive, soulful energy give this next track on the album a transporting feeling. “I Believe I Can Find You” features sultry and emotional vocals to paint a soundscape in your mind, AM Dandy allows the listener to escape into an alternate reality and live in the music. “Capriccio” brings the listener back to the heavier side of things and hones in AM Dandy’s more metal rock stylings. “Sexplosion” is an incredible launch into a world of sex, psychedelic guitar riffs, and absolute breath-taking rock n roll. “Barockgesang” is another high energy track to conclude this incredible album “Secret Garden”.

Bonus tracks on the album include a “Baby, I Love Your Way” cover song, a heart-wrenching ballad, “Eva’s Song” that explodes into AM DAndy’s notable hard-hitting solos with a refreshing flare, and the true conclusion, “Tu, Paradiso”.

I highly recommend you give “Secret Garden” a listen for yourself to fully experience every genre-bending layer. AM Dandy brings raw energy and an indefinitely loud testimony to the magic of the underground scene and we can’t wait to see what he delivers next.

Listen to “Secret Garden” here and read more in our interview with AM Dandy below!!

Hi AM Dandy! Can you start by introducing yourselves to our readers?

Hello Buzz Music and all the readers! I am AM Dandy (Alessandro Meynardi), Italian musician, guitar player and composer based in Boston, graduated at Berklee College of Music, "part time" painter and full time art lover and music servant. I think this is the essential to know about me.

How did you come up with the band name AM Dandy?

AM Dandy actually is my stage name, I usually refer to my band as AM Dandy group, consisting of Jack Schwenke (bass), Euan Leslee (Drums)and Jason Park (Keyboards, Piano, Synth). The name itself is a nickname my friends use to give me back to my home town for the music and clothes extravaganza.But it sounds cool so I decided to keep it! "AM" are just my full name initials. I am proud of my origins, so I decided to keep them too.

What’s the overall theme of your album “Secret Garden”?

I like to think that people can discover the real essence of AM Dandy, and of Alessandro Meynardi. I didn't really care about genre uniformity or stuff like that. Secret Garden narrates tales of my life, based on experiences I lived in first person or about feelings that constantly flow in my brain. I would be able to tell you specifically what each tune is about. So I would say that the overall theme is my life, there are love inspired songs, songs about home, family, passion, earth, life and so on.

What’s the meaning behind your track “I Believe I Can Find You”? How do you want the listener to feel when they hear it?

It is basically a love song, dedicated to my beloved partner (and great artist, you should check her out!) Eva Sita. It is intense and meaningful to me (even if the meaning itself is a bit hermetic) and describes the complexity of some moments we lived together. Relationships between artists are the best ones, but they are really intense (lol). The tune has also a particularly deep meaning to me because it is a "family tune": me at guitars, voice and bass; my dad playing Rhodes and my brother Stif (massive Prog drummer, the best I know. You should check him out too!) at flute (I know, very unusual combo drums and flute).

Can you tell us what we can anticipate next from you AM Dandy? Do you have any upcoming shows or releases?

Sure! Actually in August Secret Garden will be released worldwide, but I am already recording a second album that I will release next year (productions take a lot of time!). I will release a couple of singles at the end of this year too. In the meantime I am producing with a project that I co-founded named Thunderpets (with my brother Stif at drums, the ubiquitous Jack Schwenke on bass and

a session synth player) an album that will be realistically released at the end of this year too. Talking about shows we got a little tour in Europe in August and thanks to Berklee some great gigs in US.


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