NEW MUSIC: Dirty Luxe Drops Debut EP “Filthy”

Dirty Luxe just dropped their debut EP “Filthy” and we’re bumping this 80’s inspired synth-pop project through the office. Beginning with the track “Saviour”, Dirty Luxe comes in with an explosive intro to introduce their listeners to their eclectic sound. The bouncing wave of dream-pop makes for an energetic beginning to “Filthy”. Next on the EP is “Rush”, this song blends elements of pop/rock fusion on a danceable backbeat. The autotune on Branson’s vocals are well suited to the overall sentiment and feeling of the track. “Rush” is equipped with a catchy hook leaving you craving more, and verses that bounce along the drum-line with precision and ease. 

“South Of Tokyo” changes the pace of the EP “Filthy” slightly, without losing the overall upbeat energy we’ve experienced thus far. The piece of music is more organic than anything we’ve heard on the EP so far, but it works well in balance. With more of an indie-rock feel, you feel more strongly connected with Dirty Luxe when you hear this track, especially if you're already a fan. The familiarity of a pre-released single is always fun to sing along to. 

“Maybe” is next up and was Dirty Luxe’s debut single. With an electronic and heavy feeling from the start, it’s no wonder they dropped these two diversely different tracks as singles. It showcases Dirty Luxe’s admirable versatility and creativity with ease. “For A Moment (Never-Ending)” lets Dirty Luxe’s listener see a more vulnerable and emotionally-rich side of the collective as we approach the conclusion of the “Filthy” EP. Still keeping up with the upbeat fashion that the rest of the project has taken on, “For A Moment (Never-Ending)” feels more honest and passionate than anything else. 

To finish off an impressive EP, “Remorse” comes in with a completely new sound. Charmingly retro, yet containing refreshing blends of dance-pop backing tracks. Branson truly shows his range and impressively admirable chemistry with the music through the heart and soul poured into every delivered lyric. Overall, “Filthy” is a brilliant debut EP. It shows off Dirty Luxe’s chemistry with one another and their extensive knowledge in contemporary music. 

Branson Bond, Geo Pavia, and Chris Noggle are the three members that makeup Los Angeles-based trio Dirty Luxe. They combine retro 80’s synth-pop from yesteryear with the familiar sounds of modern pop anthems to create a refreshing twist on a contemporary sound. Dirty Luxe’s music brings a new sound to the music industry with it’s accessible and familiar nature, yet seemingly authentic arrangements.

Dirty Luxe's debut EP, “Filthy” is out now and available on all major streaming platforms! 


Welcome to BuzzMusic Dirty Luxe! It’s a pleasure to premiere your brand new EP “Filthy”! How long has this project been in the works? How did you decide on the two singles you released earlier this year? 

Filthy” has officially been in the works since January 2018. We had finally written a collection of songs with a sound that we felt was uniquely ours and decided it was time to take things to the next level by starting the recording process. “Maybe” and “South of Tokyo”, the two teaser tracks we released last year, were the first two tracks we had ever recorded in the studio. 

We’re always curious to learn more about how groups form! How did Dirty Luxe officially come to fruition? Did you know the other band members prior to creating the band? 

The three of us met in high school and immediately bonded over similar music tastes. Listening to a lot of alternative pop together, we decided to start casually jamming as a group and eventually became a fully-fledged collective. 

Who has had the biggest influence on your life musically thus far? Can you describe the impact this particular individual has had in terms of your new project “Filthy”?

The entirety of the 80’s pop music era was a huge influence for us during the writing and recording process of “Filthy”. Everything from the synthesizer-driven hooks & 808 drums, to the colorful neon visuals that consumed the era definitely proved to be some of our biggest inspirations for this project.

We felt the most emotionally affected by your song “For A Moment (Never-Ending)”! Can you tell us more about the inspiration and meaning behind this song?

“For a Moment” was the final track written for the record. Initially, the song was sonically a lot heavier with some rock and grunge influences. However, once we started solidifying lyrics, we felt it would be best to maintain that signature Dirty Luxe synth-pop influenced the sound. We bounced around a few ideas for a solid 80’s-influenced breakdown and the track started to flourish from there. Lyrically, For A Moment is a discussion with oneself regarding self-doubt and hesitation. The idea that we are often the sole obstacle between our own selves and our biggest desires is the overarching theme of For A Moment. 

It was great having you here on BuzzMusic! Tell us more about what's next for you after this song release? Any upcoming shows to promote “Filthy” in the near future?!

We will most definitely be announcing some shows in the Southern California area to promote Filthy throughout the remainder of this year while we continue the recording process on our next project! :)