New Music Friday: Livvy K Debuts Her New Single "Way I Do"

Livvy K is an international recording artist who is back on BuzzMusic to highlight her recent work. Livvy K has quite the resumé as an emerging Pop artist. With putting her focus into writing, recording, dancing, acting, modeling (and honestly the list goes on and on), Livvy K has gained influence and aspiration from various parts of her artistic life. The way that she writes and records is very soft, yet always added onto a beat that screams energy. This combination is truly an effortless blend on Livvy K's end, which is why her music always seems to come out as a nonchalant flair of virtuosity. One song she has recently released was titled "Way I Do", which features a multitude of these characteristics we're mentioning.

Livvy K lives up to her accomplishments in the form of sound. The beat that remains pretty consistent throughout "The Way I Do" ranges from mystic to aerial. A notable element to the feature that Livvy K possesses is the fact she can keep a light and airy tune alongside whichever predominant rhythm she's blending her voice into. Her voice never gets swallowed, and in fact, it prevails with whichever production is developed for any track. This exact same scenario follows suit with "Way I Do". Livvy K has that creamy and texturized vocal performance tied to an addictingly smooth beat. "Way I Do" elevates your current mood, and establishes a serene environment filled with pop-style influences. With the potential she carries as a multi-faceted artist, we're intrigued, to say the least, on what Livvy K will create next.

Listen to "Way I Do" here.