New 'Music' From Bethia

The London based artist is releasing two new singles and b-sides in July and August, preceding her studio album ‘Into the Peace’, out in September 2018. Bethia spent her childhood in the darkness of a vaulted basement in Bath. Years later, she was a sound assistant on Nigel Godrich’s From the Basement sessions. It felt like home. Watching live performances by the likes of PJ Harvey and The Stooges, she knew this is what she had to do - as if she didn't know already.

On the lookout for a backing band, she left flyers all over the London underground. By a twist of fate, one found its way into the hands of Courtney Love. Bethia didn’t find her backing band - but she was recruited into Hole. Days after meeting Courtney, Bethia was in LA, rehearsing for a world tour, living on the Phil Spector estate, in the house where John Lennon spent his lost weekend. It wasn’t the first time she’d escaped to California. University in England was so gloomy, she went to revise for her Sanskrit finals on Sunset Boulevard. North America had always called to her.

Bethia is never anything but British, but her superlative songwriting recalls her idols Fleetwood Mac, Neil Young and Leonard Cohen. Following her time with Hole, she joined a waterfall tour of Cornwall with cult psychedelic band Circulus, but fell out with Michael when he forced her to wear a tunic.


Along with the song release, Bethia released an accompanied music video for 'Music'. Shot on film at Glastonbury festival by her friend Agnieszka who was 8 months pregnant at the time. Bethia says 'the song is devoted to Stevie Nicks, but that’s not a cue for ‘Rumours’.

The song title portrays exactly what this song is about; the music. 'Music never did any good to me' is a strong lyric line you'll hear throughout. It's a line that makes us feel instantly connected to Bethia and makes us crave more. From the moment you press play, you're taken back by Bethias soft elegant voice which is complemented nicely with a jazzy backing band with retro spazzy sound effects. The music video has the perfect vibe, shot on a hill at a world renowned music festival. Needless to say, we're super in love with this summertime fun in the sun song and can't wait to hear more!

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