New Music From Lyndon Laveaux, If Nobody Can, “Laveaux Can”

Lyndon Laveaux is a young up and coming artist from Miami, Florida. Laveaux has always had a strong passion for the arts from a young age. Acting since the age of 12, Lyndon Laveaux’s creativity has found a way to manifest itself in many ways. Not only is Lyndon Laveaux a well-rounded artist, but he also belongs to a music collective, Swaggfia, that he’s had responsibility for since 2007. When Lyndon was young he met Ruben Raymond, one of the members of The Track Burnaz ad since then and always seek advice when it came to music theory. Fast forward to today, Laveaux has collaborated with The Track Burnaz (Big Sean, Future, Dj Khaled) on a number of tracks and is continuing to do so till this day.

Listen to the song here!

Lyndon Laveaux! Welcome to BuzzMusic! What inspired you to first begin making music and releasing it to the public?

I've had a passion for music since I can remember, someone who's inspired my love of music was Ruben Raymond of The Track Burnaz, ever since we were kids he's mentored me, from teaching me on how to read music to be one of my current producers alongside the other two members of TB JB and Briggs, The Track Burnaz are not only incredible producers who've produced for artists such as Big Sean, Future and DJ Khaled, they are superb artists in their own right, so needless to say Ruben continues to inspire me to this day he brings the best out of me . Alongside him I've been influenced by others in my immediate circle, Dooley Sheen a Hallandale hip hop artist who is making waves over in Europe, I used to be afraid to put music out, I would write poetry and songs for myself since I was 11, to me music can be extremely personal, and I wasn't comfortable in my own skin for a very long time, it's something I continue to work on daily , so in the time of my adolescence I wasn't too keen on sharing my utmost feelings with the world, but when I met Dooley he heard this and he forced me to rap in front of him, even forced me to freestyle, he brought me out of my shell and once I got a taste of it I was all the way in. Once I moved out to California to receive my BFA in Acting ( where music terrifyingly brought me closer to myself, acting allowed me to escape) I met Disanti who would become The First Lady of Swaggfia ( a music collective Dooley and I started with a group of friends back in 2007, there was a falling out among members, Swaggfia became mine in 2009) she would hear me do speak word poetry around campus and would encourage me to rap more, she and I eventually linked up with our first engineer Joshua Hockey and I began building a confidence with my team to begin releasing music, in 2013 I put my first official Mixtape out entitled The Prince of Flow which when looking at objectively ( which I have to in order to not get lost in a self-indulgent rant, you know how sensitive us artist can be) was not my best work in the least but it showed my potential in a major way, it wasn't received well by most but after that it forced me to look at myself honestly, apply critique where needed and grow. Josh in early 2014 moved back to his hometown of Detroit and Disanti and I linked with our next engineer/producer Ray Mitchell who helped us get to the next level. He challenged us as artists and through some major growing pains, we reached new heights in our artistic journey and continue to do so as one should when pursuing a life in the arts. So I have and continue to be motivated by my peers, I've collaborated with some great artists, Robin Taylor, B3ach, Disanti, The Track Burnaz, Ray Mitchell, Meiks B, are great examples of that.

You seem to be an artist that puts more thought into his lyrics than most. What can you tell us about the lyrical depth within “Laveaux Can”?

There was something that the God MC Rakim had said about hip hop that has resonated with me ever since I heard him say it, basically he said that when he would listen to Jazz in his youth he could see the pictures the musicians were painting with just the instrumentals and he was like if they can do that with no words and just instruments than I sure as hell should be able to in my bars. I relate to that to my deepest core, I love to paint pictures with my words, no matter the spectrum of hip hop I'm playing on; from ratchet to introspective I enjoy thoroughly bringing the listener into that world for those 16-48 bars. My mother always encouraged me to detail in everything I do. The hook will be what it's gonna be but best believe when I spit I'm gonna challenge myself each time I'm in the booth. I wanna be as great of an MC as August Wilson is to playwrights. I started in poetry so inherently punchlines are fun for me because I enjoy a good metaphor. I love internal rhyming which I can salute to powerful MCs, such as Rakim, Jay Z, Eminem, Outkast just to name a few I could name more of course but these guys off the top of my head truly helped me find my voice,

Since you’ve been making music for several years, how would you compare some of the earlier material you’ve written to your newest release “Laveaux Can”?

Overall I've grown immensely as an artist, I understand my pockets as an MC, I have found my cadence and my overall voice (I love when someone tells me I don't sound like anybody else that's an incredible compliment for a writer which I don't take advantage of), I understand when a phrase might have too many syllables, and I can rewrite it to make a cleaner sound, coming from Spoken word where you may take up as much time to get a point across whereas in music you have to create your own lane while still staying true to the rhythm . My songwriting capabilities have grown as well, I couldn't write a hook to save my life once upon a time but eventually, I caught on, I even co-wrote the hook to Magic Kitty alongside the talented Robin Taylor. That song features me, Robin, Blaine Belladonna and Briggs of The Track Burnaz, it was featured on Dash Radio Via The Kaliente Girls Show.

What have been some of your proudest or most memorable moments in music so far?

One of my favorite Anime characters is Goku of Dragon Ball Z, what I love about him is that his alien race The Saiyans would calculate each new born's power level, Goku was calculated as a low-level warrior but would grow through the help of amazing teachers to be one of the most powerful fighters in the universe according to Akira Toriyama's Folklore. I relate to that because when I really began taking music seriously, there was only a select few who believed in me when it came to that part of my journey, most even within my close family and friends were very discouraging, but because the love I have for the craft I buried those voice and just kept growing till eventually, I'm getting hit up by producers from Atlantic who want to collab, artist who I've admired from the sidelines hit me up for my opinion on their unreleased work and also want to collab, I've gotten on the radio multiple times, my songs do pretty well on Spotify (Disanti, The Track Burnaz, Robin Taylor, B3ach, Ray Mitchell thank you) and the beautiful thing is that I'm just getting started, I never allow myself to be complacent because I feel the art dies once you become comfortable. So with that, there's still new levels to reach, I've made some incredible strides such as opening up for Lil Xan with Robin in which I'm extremely grateful for but I feel in my spirit that this is just the warm-up.


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