NEW MUSIC: “Han Solo” By The Collab And Ten80pDrèko

The Collab is a group from Nashville, TN. When performing, they operate as a duo but the collective consists of 4 members. The artists are Senseilit and Sasquatch and specialize in hip-hop and R&B music. They always dabble into different genres while keeping their themes relevant and catchy. 

The Collab’s newest single “Han Solo” is a high energy song that focuses on rich bars and rhythmic textures. The track “Han Solo” is all about turning up and spreading good vibes. It’s guaranteed to get a crowd going through its multiple Star Wars references and quirky verses. It features the talented Ten80pDrèko, a close friend to The Collab. We love the heavy, deliberate and thunderous bass that comes blasting through the speakers. The chemistry between The Collab does not go unnoticed through their master lyricism, addicting backbeat and overall production. “Han Solo” gets the listeners hyped and is most definitely a summer banger. I highly recommend you check it out and keep up with The Collab for their future musical endeavors! Stay tuned!

Check out “Han Solo” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

How did you start making music? And how did the Collab come to fruition?

We started making music official in 2016 but have been rapping and playing instruments since we were little. The Collab came from Senseilit as far as the name goes. He needed a name to represent the vision he had for his label. The name represents the community between the group Collab, the drive to work strong as a unit, the willingness to venture out and make great track with other artist outside the group, and strong bonds between friends. 

As far as us coming together to form The Collab it was on some “I know we wanna make music and know one is gonna help or make it for us so we might as well do it ourselves vibes”. After realizing people can’t always help with your dream or don’t understand the vision, Senseilit bought his first mic and stated cooking up music with The Collab.

What is your new track “Han Solo” all about? What is your favorite lyric?

Han Solo is about talking your shit and showing that you are the hottest out. It’s a song that is all about turning up and creating good energy. The vibes of the song are all about a flex. Your letting the listener know that we bring the energy, we get the girls, we are the young gods, and we are here to live life. Along with that message there are plenty of Star Wars based references to add more depth to the song. Senseilit’s favorite lyric is “Bitch I’m captain of the falcon, your bitch wetter than a fountain, pussy be leaking”. This bar is saying that Senseilit is captain, which means he runs The Collab and is CEO. The next part is saying because Senseilit is so great at running his business that girl are all over him. The last part of the phrase is saying that when your girl gets around Senseilit she gonna get in the mood to do some horny things with the young boss.

“Han Solo has a very powerful lyrical presence. What was your writing process like?

Senseilit wrote the song in 10 minutes before he had to go to the studio to record it. He was inspired by his old roommate Aliyah Allen because she had a Han Solo POP figure and Senseilit thought it was cool. He told Aliyah he would make a song called Han Solo and dedicate the song to her for giving him the idea. The hook didn’t take long to write after finding the instrumental on YouTube the rest came easy. All that was left was to make some Star Wars references and bring the energy to the track. The vibes that were made were pure fun and they came natural. After being inspired and finding the hook, the rest of the song came together and all that was left was to get the artist Ten80pDrèko to get on as a feature.

Do you have an shows, events, or tour dates you’d like to talk about?

We have a show at the end of the month with Nashville base brand Localz Only. We have a show on August 7th and 8th Called “Camp” that we are preforming at on both days.  This show is also in Nashville. We also just dropped a music video on our YouTube channel called “Moving on” along with our 3rd podcast episode that will be dropping soon. 

What is next for the Collab?

We will be shooting more music videos for our upcoming singles. We are working on group and individual projects. The project you can expect in the near future are “Raw Tapes” by Sasquatch and a single from Senseilit’s upcoming project called “Kill Sensei”. We are also working on features for other artist, and gearing up to drop our second line of merchandise for the fall. 

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