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New Music: Jasmyn & Her Latest Single “Get Out The Way”

Jasmyn is a new and upcoming R&B/Neo Soul artist from the city of Brampton, Canada. She began singing and writing at a young age but didn’t really know how to dream big for herself. Nobody ever taught her, so she learned to teach herself. On her journey from broken self-esteem to finding her identity, alongside a LOT of anger, Jasmyn was steered back on her path, rejoiced in her pain, and manifested it into real, and authentic self-love. Jasmyn managed to figure out who she is again because of what she’s trying to do and achieve.

Jasmyn released her single “Get Out My Way” and we were snatched when we heard it. Her vocal resonance was so soulful, dynamic and powerful. It completely charmed us. She instantly captivates you with this magical voice of hers. Jasmyn has a vocal tone that’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. The way she was able to move her listener with the music is a skill not many singers have. She takes her voice in various different registers, taking you on a rollercoaster ride of falsetto’s and full-toned transitions in different smoothly-connected keys while remaining on point with the melody. With strong lyricism, Jasmyn passionately delivered her lyrics. You can tell Jasmyn is an artist of honesty and strength, it’s displayed in the way she performs her music. “Get Out My Way” was ferocious and gave me a sense of “I can do anything”. This tenacious attitude she displayed in the music was unbelievably exceptional and we can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us!

Listen to "Get Out Of My Way" here and get to know more about Jasmyn in our interview below!

Welcome, Jasmyn! We commend you for being brave enough to share your past trials and tribulations with yourself. In what ways have the discovery of self-love impacted your music!?

Hi! Thank you so much! That means a lot to hear from somebody, especially you guys—that's really cool. Yeah, the journey itself has been quite sweet! I think it's been finally being able to root myself with my baggage and accept who I was but also accept who I am currently, and love both sets because the lessons of my past contributed a lot onto how to feel better about myself, and do better by others. To write my music the way I wanted, I had to let go of a lot of things, to let the new things in. I needed to mind myself of what kind of energy was around me on a regular basis. But also mind what energy I give on the regular, too. Figuring out what self-love looked like for me was a rough process but I really did what I could in the past few months to rejoice in that pain and build myself a new structure after having the old one be knocked to pieces. It was a beautiful and humbling experience in my twenty years.

“Get Out My Way” seemed to be a POWERFUL record! What was the theme behind it?

The theme for this record was honestly just about cutting ties. This song comes from a place of just wanting more for myself and knowing that I can get it. I couldn’t stand up for myself, so that made me easy to get to and easy to hurt. Staying faithful to my own desires and my own intuition really brought out the words for ‘Get Out My Way’.  Drama comes where you allow it. So it's just about regulating what and whorequires your attention, versus who and what does not. Your space is sacred and needs to be treated accordingly!

In what ways could you as an artist relate to “Get Out My Way”?

The way I found I related with this song the most, is just really out of how well it’s able to show you my personality. The lessons I’ve had to learn showcase themselves throughout the record. This song really set the tone of what kinda artist I wanna be, so I’m excited! Stay tuned! 

Were there any challenging moments in the creation of this record?

My biggest challenge with this record was getting myself comfortable enough in the booth to give the song what it needed and what it deserved. There was a drive and a passion in my voice that I was really scared to allow myself to present, but the incredible producer that I worked on with, really helped me on how to get there on all technical levels. I learned a lot about audio, how to be able to control my own vocals, and what makes a song really enticing. Nimz is dope for sure

What’s next for you?

A lot I’m hoping! As of right now the one thing that keeps popping up in my brain is, I really want a summer E.P. I think it’s a good time to bring myself to the table and find incredible souls to work with and hear their stories as well. Wherever I’m headed; I know it’s no where but to greatness!


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