New Music: LA-Based Producer rüün Drops “Summer Child”

Following up on his debut release “Don’t Look Back” with brother/sister duo Cooper & Gatlin, rüün is back with his second single “Summer Child” featuring vocals from Isaiah Blas, a member of MRKTS. Recorded at rüün’s studio in LA, the theme of “Summer Child” focuses on the importance of trying to see the good in everyone and sharing those feelings with them. It’s an uplifting and empowering piece of musical brilliance, crafted with the utmost attention to detail in the production. “Summer Child” brings an energetic level of brightness to the room and engages with listeners from all walks of life. The various soundscapes rain down around you and envelop you in a compassionate feeling of togetherness and belonging.

rüün has been establishing his finely-tuned craft from the ground up, leading up to this incredibly impressive year, where he was able to release not just one, but two spectacular singles. Isaiah’s vocals throughout “Summer Child” are pure and captivating and capture the overall sentiments of the song perfectly. Nothing overly flashy is needed for rüün to demand attention from his listeners. Stay on the lookout for more music because he’s only getting started! Check out “Summer Child” here and read rüün's interview below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic rüün! What can you tell our readers about the way you approach making music?

I believe my desire to make music comes from necessity. It's born out of a need to put something positive into world. I believe a 3-minute pop song can change everything.

Was there an event or person in your life that ultimately inspired you to begin making music?

When I first heard Bruce Springsteen's live album from 1975-1985, I was sold! I knew from that moment I wanted to play music. I made my parents buy me a guitar, and I haven't done anything else since. Bruce Springsteen can tell a story, that changes your mind and brea