NEW MUSIC RADAR: E1SA and D-Felic Drop “Think Twice"

E1SA, a.k.a. Eileen Torres began singing before she could ride a bike and quickly discovered her lifelong passion, one that has led to performing, recording and creating original music. E1SA has worked with countless SoCal hip-hop artists and fronted the soulful collective Children of the Sun where she wrote 11 out of the 12 songs on the bands album. Taking a step back from music to focus on family, E1SA re-emerged in 2018 with the release of her single with D-Felic “Magical”. D-Felic has been making music his entire life! He’s been DJ’ing and live performing for more than 2 decades. After releasing his debut album in 2010, his solo career took flight and has released music on various EPs, including releases on labels like Tru Thoughts and Deeplomatic Recordings. With many original songs and remixes of many artists, D-Felic is a self-made, veteren artist.

Explosive collaboration of E1SA and D-Felic curates ambient hip-hop excellence in their latest “Think Twice”. Layers of smooth musical arrangements by D-Felic prove his years experience. The finely-calibrated sound fused with E1SA’s powerful vocals is mesmerizing. “Think Twice” is a confidence anthem that focuses on empowerment and questioning someone's decision to walk away. Her angelic vocal tone demands to be heard while the heavy yet sultry melody takes hold of the listener. The ups and downs of “Think Twice” are a welcome and the lyrics weave through storytelling elements of this retrospective track. We love this chill summer jam and we hope we see more collaborations from E1SA and D-Felic!

Check out “Think Twice” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Welcome to BuzzMusic E1SA and D-Felic! How did you two meet and decide to make music together?

We connected by way of mutual music friends. D-Felic hit me up and I googled him to see if he was truly about his music and peeped his Soundcloud. He sent me some open tracks which I vibed to and started writing instantly.

What’s the meaning behind your track “Think Twice”? What was the writing process like?

It was inspired by someone who urked me. A pet peeve of mine are people who feel entitled. They demand your time and energy without providing any sort of value, they look out for themselves, not you; takers, not givers... and how if they flex on you this way, it will change the trajectory of your relationship. This song isn't written in a standard format, which I like. I moreoften tend to think of my melodies in phrases rather than stories as a whole so it came easy to me.

What are some challenges you faced while creating “Think Twice”? How did you overcome those challenges?

I recorded my initial ideas on my iphone and uploaded them to Dropbox so D-Felic could place it within the track and see how it fits. Since we live on different continents, this has been the method that has worked great for us. I went to the studio in LA and recorded everything over so he'd have a clean version. But when he pieced the new recordings together, we noticed it didn't quite capture the authenticity of my initial mood. So we ended up using the demos for the track. Sometimes the organic sound is better than being precise and it worked well, given the spacey landscape of the song.

Can we expect to see more collaborations in the future?

Yes. This is our 2nd single and plan to work on more music and eventually release an ep.

Whats next for you both?

Aside from working on music together, we are individually working on seperate projects. I have some songs recorded for my solo ep that I look forward to releasing soon and D-Felic has collaborations with other artists coming out as well.


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