New Music Radar: Joey Capo Releases His New Hit "NIGHTCAP"

Joey Capo originates from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania but has an Italian-Vietnamese background. In 2018 he decided to move to LA, California, with hopes to make it in the music industry. He is an independent artist and also is a self-taught producer. Joey Capo delivers raw pop and R&B tracks with a twist. His style is slightly somber, chill and mellow. With every track that he releases, he continues to gain more and more attention from fans and other artists. When it comes to creating music, Joey ensures to use his sterling writing skills to tell a story in every song that he creates. My personal favorite track from Joey was released in May 2019 and is titled “NIGHTCAP”. “NIGHTCAP" is intimate, sensual, and chilled. Joey sings:

“From here on out now, don’t you hold back, let’s go all out, stimulating all our wants and all our needs yeah, to be everything our hearts seek”.

I love the hot and steamy vibe that Joey gives off from his voice, to his lyrics, to his tempo. It's perfect. Joey Capo completely executed this perfect summer track in every way, it’s extremely impressive that he’s done this all on his own, no handouts. Joey Capo has proved his limitless talent and I’m totally stoked to hear what else he has to release in the near future! In the meanwhile, check out Joey Capo on all major music platforms!

Listen to "NIGHTCAP" by Joey Capo here!

Hey Joey Capo! Can you tell us a little more about yourself and background?

My name is Joey Capo, I am singer/songwriter from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. I started writing poetry at 16 which then by 18 turned into me writing music. Music was always a huge part of my life growing up. My Mom listened to pretty much every genre of music, so I genially loved all music even at young age. Other than major music artists we know of today, one of my biggest inspirations in music is Grandfather Joe Cappelli. Even tho he passed a year before I was born, my Mom would always tell me stories about him, his music success, and the passion he had for it. So once I started creating music it was that type of connection I got to have with him spiritually and also being named after him, it then became an honor to continue his legacy and love for music. 

What is the theme of “NIGHTCAP”?

NIGHTCAP is definitely a song that runs way deeper than just another love song. This record that I have written speaks volumes on self worth and not holding back your true emotions. By following what your heart is actually guiding you to do in life, no matter If it is love or if it is a certain dream you’re chasing. 

What was your writing process like for “NIGHTCAP”? What were the biggest challenges you faced while writing/producing and how did you overcome them?

Actually the writing came to me pretty easily. It was something that I was able to really connect with especially when the production team 5oh8 sent me the beat. When I create music, I always go off of memories and the emotions I had during those times. I will rarely speak about things that have never happened yet. And if I do its more so something I am manifesting. But generally if I have not experienced in someway in my life up to this point, I just don’t put it in a song. Which going back to why it came to me so easily was because learning to understand my self worth was something I was going through in that moment. But hearing the production of the beat, put me in that head space where it felt more like I could be poetic and it gave me that feeling of conversing with myself. I have struggled with depression, and always second guessing choices in my life because of the risk that comes with it. especially when you take that risk, but it takes time for it to go the way you imagined it to go. So mainly this song was very much me breaking free of those doubts and allowing life to take its course, in order to look at mistakes as lessons and achievements as not luck but that its meant to happen when it needs to.  

Did making the move to LA improve your career as an artist? If yes, how so?

Moving to LA really was the best choice I made for my music career in order to take it to the next level. Yes, it was not an easy first year being here but I am a firm believer that everything we want to achieve in our lifetime is outside of our comfort zone. So by me moving to an entertainment driven location, you really come in contact with with some the best artists the world has. I have always had a competitive spirit so being around like minded people, I feel like it really pushed me to keep striving for my goals as not only a music recording artist but also as person in general. Because our only limits are the ones we create.

Can we expect some new music from you in 2019?

I have a lot of new music that I have been working on the past couple months. So with that being said, yes I have a lot more music on the way. So I won’t ramble too much on that, but what I can say, it is going to be some of my best music to date. So for all the listeners and viewers out in the world, keep a look out for it because I already know you all are going to love what I have been working on. 

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