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NEW MUSIC RADAR: MAGUIRE Drops Emotional Track “Strangers”

BuzzMusic presents London based singer/songwriter MAGUIRE. She’s known for her intensely emotional style that gives the listener a sense of hopeful melancholy. Out today, MAGUIRE releases her debut EP “Préludes”. A five track collection of emotionally-rich songs that paint a story revealing more about the artist. Produced by Steph Marziano and mixed by Barny Barnicott, MAGUIRE’s debut EP evokes questions about the human condition, loneliness, intimacy and desire. Overall, MAGUIRE strives to create music that urges for connection in a time of isolation.

My personal favorite and first track on MAGUIRE’s debut EP “Préludes” is titled “Strangers”. This song tell the story of the an intimate encounter with a stranger and the thoughts and feelings that take over after it’s over. The intimate paradox of an intimate moment with a complete stranger takes your mind on a journey. The melodious piano draws the listener in and the light percussion and stunning vocals fuse together and create a soundscape of emotion. “Strangers” is the perfect track to put on when you feel like reminiscing or just to enjoy the soulful sound. If “Strangers” is an indication for what MAGUIRE is going to continuously deliver then she will be rising to the top, quickly. I highly recommend you check out this alluring new single and the entire “Préludes” EP.

“The temptation to romanticize people and events raises questions about the subjective nature of reality and our perception of it, made all the more subjective when it comes to matters of the heart. - MAGUIRE

Check out “Strangers” here!

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