NEW MUSIC RADAR: Miranda López Has A Brand New Dark-Pop Single “End Of Time”

Miranda López is an experienced singer/songwriter and multi-instrumental musician hailing from London. She has been playing guitar, piano and singing for over a decade, but only in recent years has she been releasing her original work. Miranda aims to keep her overall genre alternative and fluid and aims to create music from whatever inspires her. Miranda López’s powerful songs come from the heart and focus on emotive journeys and storylines. She’s just getting started so stay tuned for more from this budding songstress.

Miranda López dropped her latest track “End Of Time” today and it’s safe to say we’re hooked. Produced by Ermis, “End Of Time” welcomes both the melancholic embrace of a hypnotizing backdrop and the heartfelt, passionate connection of a song written with depth and intention. That balance is crucial and well executed. You relate to that honesty with that vulnerability within “End Of Time”, and at the same time, it’s easy to turn up loud and escape within. Miranda López has mastered the art of melodic satisfaction, so the song lingers in your mind long after listening. Despite the lyrical turmoil, the track energizes and brings together everyone who has felt these emotions and been down these pathways. The moods vary throughout “End Of Time”, proving Miranda López to be both a creative and versatile artist. Miranda López is an artist well worth tuning in for.

Listen to “End Of Timehere!


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