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NEW MUSIC RADAR: Pablo Drops Dope Track “Domestic Policy” (Feat. ChainZ)

BuzzMusic presents Pablo, a talented hip-hop artist from Ontario, Canada. His stage name pays tribute to his late friend. While he’s African by birth, Pablo grew up in Trinidad and Tabago. With a diverse cultural influences within his artistic sound, Pablo brings a unique force to the music industry. Growing up, Pablo didn’t have any interest in rap, he listened to mostly dancehall, but once his brother showed him legends like Travis Scott and his friend showed him Mobb Deep, it was a game changer.

In collaboration with ChainZ, Pablo dropped his latest single “Domestic Policy” and I’m bumping it on repeat. I love the back instrumentals and hard hitting vocals that make this track stand out. “Domestic Policy” gives a retrospective look inside the life of ChainZ and Pablo. Pablo’s undeniable talent shines through his expert lyricism and flow. “Domestic Policy” is a summer banger with its addicting rhymes and explosive delivery. Pablo divulges the stories of his life experiences so that they don’t go untold. Here to alter and galvanize the hip-hop music scene, he’s unstoppable. He’s has worked hard to get where he is now and he’s only getting further! With releases like “Domestic Policy” you better stay on the lookout because Pablo is headed to the top.

Check out “Domestic Policy” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Hi Pablo! Welcome to BuzzMusic. Can you tell our readers more about when you started getting serious with making music?

Well I didn’t really take music seriously till just recently. I moved out of Trinidad back in late 2014 and came to the suburbs in Brampton and even though that in its own had its problems and struggles, it was still easier than when I was in Trinidad so I felt like I never really had a reason to rap because my style comes from a heart of pain and struggles but when I moved it was like there’s not much struggles anymore so why should I rap Buh then I started talking to one of my dawg name Christmas who died last year and he told me like it don’t matter if I moved because I can’t forget about the people who we know that died around us, what about the city, what about my other nighas that still tryna make it out, what about the dawgs that doing time and prolly won’t ever see their families again. We all like family so I owe it to them to tell our story no matter what and so that’s what I did and still doing. I’ve lost too many people in these past years and music was the only way I could cope with it while speaking about how I feel. Besides, when I freestyle and rap with my nighas in Brampton and Toronto they always telling me to get serious with it and I guess they all see some I didn’t.

Who are you biggest musical influences?

Some of my biggest musical influences would have to be Mobb deep, Nipsey hussle and 50 cent. I don’t really have much musical influences because most of it sounds the same to me. 

Can we expect more collaborations in the future?

I have a couple in the safe and some in the works. I have one with danii who’s also from my city in Trinidad and that’s fina be a banger so look out for that.

Will you be releasing any solo projects you want to mention?

Solo projects right now are a priority for me and I have a couple that I’m hoping to drop before the end of the year. Don’t wanna speak on them too much, but just know when they drop you won’t wanna miss it. 

What’s next for you Pablo?

Right now I’m working on mastering my craft and my music, hopefully by next year i plan on doing some shows and getting on the road so I could expand my audience. I’m also dropping an album... well maybe, who know. 


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