New Music Video: TANTRiX Drop New Visuals for Hot Single “We Become One”

In mid-2018, Matt and Eddie formed a two-man alternative rock and pop band named TANTRiX. Eddie is the lead guitarist and vocalist and Matt is the drummer and backup singer. Since the band’s forming in 2018, TANTRiX has a self-produced an11-song album which is scheduled for release in January 2020. 

Serving as both their debut single and the first song off of their upcoming debut album “Future Now”, we are so excited to present TANTRiX’s music video for “We Become One”. The music video is charmingly simplistic and beautiful. Matt and Eddie's contagious stage presence is clearly evident with their comfortability on camera. A girl is seen dancing throughout the entirety of the video, losing herself in the music and subsequently urging viewers to do the same. It’s raw and inspiring and showcases TANTRiX’s true level of confidence and artistry in order to build stronger connections with their fans. “We Become One” is a fantastic song, thoughtfully arranged, lyrically fascinating and refreshingly original and honest. It also confidently brings back that authentic pop-rock sound with the energy and the freely expressive set-up. The new music video is absolutely worth a few views! 

Stream “We Become One” here and check out the music video below!