NEW MUSIC VIDEO: “You Lost It All” By Ay

Previously featured on BuzzMusic, the soulful and angelic singer/songwriter Alex Moccia, better known for her professional name Ay. Her brand new single “You Lost It All” already blew us away with her vocal precision and empowering lyricism and now the music video is out! The 40’s inspired murder mystery begins with Ay sitting at her vanity when the camera pans to mans body on the floor. This is SO fitting for the theme of “You Lost It All”, a track about taking control of your own life and getting rid of toxic people. As the video progresses we see a man enter her house who appears to be a detective, the majority of the video is him chasing her throughout the house and into a barn on the property. Ay’s composure and acting ability is truly showcased in this powerful music video. The video is in black and white and it only heightens the viewing experience. “You Lost It All” includes the lyric “time for a little social surgery”, which is a quirky was of saying that Ay will cut off anyone who puts her in a toxic situation. The emotion and intensity is visible on Ay’s face, I believe she truly poured her heart and soul into everything about this track, including the music video. As the song comes to a conclusion, the detective is able to make his way into the barn, only to find that Ay has vanished into thin air, leaving only a note behind that reads, “You Lost It All”. The perfect poetic justice and metaphorical blow, Ay will disappear on anyone who tries to cross her. Ay is making waves in the music industry in a big way and we can’t wait to see what she delivers next! 

I highly recommend you check out the new music video for “You Lost It All”

below! Keep scrolling for our exclusive interview with Ay.

Welcome back Ay! Can you start by telling some of our newer readers a bit about yourself?

Hey BuzzMusic! I’m Ay, a singer/songwriter from Boston, MA here to make soul penetrating noise.  I have been composing and performing all my life.  It’s my purpose to share my music and creations for you all to enjoy!  I’m cutting my album in LA currently at Studio Bopnique.  Follow me on my social sites to be first to see what’s coming next! 

We love the music video for “You Lost It All”, it’s so innovative. Was this your first experience filming like this? Tell us more about it!

I’ve filmed music videos in the past, but none like the “You Lost It All” video.  I wanted this piece to be more like short film and I came up with the concept during the recording of the single.  The vibe of the song just transported me to a universe where I am this femme fatale criminal starring in my own film noir.  I wanted the video to add a twisted layer to the song where I am taking my actions to the extreme and the story fell into place at that point.  I worked with a fantastic team at Luxe Life Productions to bring the atmosphere together and shooting was a blast!  

You look stunning throughout the entire video!  What was the inspiration behind the look and the era?

Thank you so much!  I have always been inspired by old Hollywood glamour and black and white movies.  I loved the idea of my character being in that late 40s era, where I would look fabulous and polished even as a psycho, committing a horrible crime.  I dressed in a vintage silhouette and kept my makeup true to the period.  I slept in roller curlers the night before just like my nana taught me, (who was my age in the late 40s!) to achieve my curls.  Prop items like the pocket watch, are truly vintage from that time as well. 

Where was the music video for “You Lost It All filmed?

The video was actually filmed at a listed home!  When scouting for locations, I was connected with an owner who was delighted to have us shoot a few scenes inside! 

What’s your favorite part in the video?

I really love where I escape through the tiny door in the bedroom!  I also love the chase scene where I slam the garage door in the detectives face.  That door was heavy and hard to move, and my costar and dear friend Martin Carle was straight up RUNNING— so my panic to close it was very real haha. 

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