New Release From Madelyn Victoria

Madelyn Victoria is a Country Singer-Songwriter from San Benito, Texas. Madelyn Victoria plays the guitar, writes the lyrics and melody's to all of her songs. Madelyn collaborates with her brother and other musicians to write the accompanying music. Her debut single release, “He Only Loves Me on the Dance Floor” reached #1 on the national country AM/FM chart, New Music Weekly, making it one of the biggest debut singles of 2016. The self-penned song won an Akademia award for Best Country Song in April 2016, earning her numerous other award nominations and a spot on the CMT's Top 50 Most Popular Artists Charts.

Madelyn Victoria has released her captivating single 'Hold On'. Madelyn gets to show off her vocal rage in the song, as she paints the picture for her listeners. Madelyn sings about holding onto the special moments. Think back to that one special memory that you wish you could re-live, or play over and over in your head. The song is a reminder to embrace those special moments. We live in a fast paced world that we often forget to enjoy life in the moment and the company that you have surrounding you. Madelyn Victoria's voice has a bold strength and confidence. When she belts out her chorus notes, we get a reminisce of Christina Arugula's fiery vocals, mixed with her modern country roots. Madelyn Victoria is walking in the footsteps of her idols, and it wont be long until the world follows her on her musical journey. Listen to 'Hold On' here.

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