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New Release “Urgency” By King Cotz Featuring Enoch Is Riddled With Fiery Lyrical Talent

23 year old hip-hop artist Kind Cotz from Richmond, Virginia is an unsigned rapper and lyricist who has been writing sing he was 10 years old. He has business, marketing and entrepreneurship experience and graduated from Virginia Tech in 2018. King Cotz new release “Urgency” is a collaboration with the artist Enoch and reflects the growth that both artists have encountered along their journeys while also touching on the current state of rap and paves a rare path for the artists. King Cotz currently is working on music in Richmond, Virginia, Enoch is in Charlotte, North Carolina and the pair are working on changing the rap scene with urgency.

Don’t let first impression fool you with “Urgency” because this track gains traction quickly and is scattered with haunting sound along with the alluring tone of voice that delivers the lyrics extremely clearly. The beats are consistent and are mixed with various sounds that give this song a darker perspective in my opinion, and knowing that the song has been written about the current state of rap, it makes perfect sense. “Now we creatin’ Urgency” is just one of the many lyrics that solidify the fact that King Cotz and Enoch are trying to change the rap scene quickly, and with the talent that both artists have with lyrically dropping on fire lines that have deep meaning and beats that are unforgettable, I personally do not think it will take them long to make a big change. “Urgency” really is an exceptional choice of title as both artist have the ability to quickly drop lyrics with finesse, and I am a big fan of the mix of eerie tones that they use to creating the drive beats that accompany the vocals. Keep an eye out for King Cotz and Enoch as they are both artists that know exactly what they are doing and have more than enough talent to present their creations perfectly.

Listen to King Cotz's new song "Urgency" here!

Hey King Cotz! Welcome back, do you mind refreshing us on how you found your love for music?

Thank you for having me back on Buzz Music! Music has been a tremendous inspiration to me my entire life. Since I write songs myself, I've always been someone that focuses on the lyrics, the meaning, and the structure of each song I listen to. I also love to study other artists and see how they have evolved throughout their own careers, as you can learn a lot. 

As for my own music, I started writing songs around the age of 10 as a way to get out all of my thoughts, emotions, and memories. It started out more as rhyming poetry than rapping. Over time, my songwriting evolved into writing specifically to rap beats and instrumentals that inspired me. Now I'm focused on putting out the best possible music, and improving in every aspect of my music and brand.

What was your favorite part of writing and recording “Urgency” and why?

My favorite part of writing Urgency was really about the opportunity to work on it with my friend and old coworker, Enoch. He is a super talented artist and he has such a great attitude about collaboration and putting out the best potential music you can. I actually re-wrote my verses a couple of times - because it was an older written song and I wanted to make some changes after hearing what Enoch brought to the table. It was an entirely different song when it was finished than when we had started, and sometimes that's the awesome part of working with another talented artist and going through that creative process.

Can you tell us a bit more about the personal significance that “Urgency” holds to you?

For sure! Urgency actually has a ton of double meanings, like many of my songs do. The song is about doing everything with urgency - both myself and Enoch are working hard on our music and our professional careers at the same time while in two different cities (Richmond, Virginia and Charlotte, North Carolina, respectively). The song reflects both of our journeys to get to where we are at. At the same time, the song is about the urgency to create better music than what is trending now and to blaze a better path forward for all of hip-hop and rap. We believe in our lyricism, our skills and our message - and we both know there are potential opportunities ahead to be a better role model in the music industry.

From an artist’s perspective, how does “Urgency” differ from other tracks you’ve written?

From an overall perspective, it differs as I haven't released many songs featuring other artists to date. I really enjoyed having both our different styles on the same track, and the addition of Enoch helped shape the entire message and meaning of the song. Additionally, "Urgency" gives listeners a snapshot of how many different flows and switches I can bring to a song - you can hear both of my verses have very distinct and different flows within them. Overall, I believe everything added up to produce a very unique song.

Can we expect to see any more song releases or performances in 2019?

Yes you can! I'll be consistently releasing new music throughout all of 2019. Just visit my linktree page below for all of my different social media accounts and links. I'm working on a website right now for my brand, and I might have a surprise mixtape or two planned to release in 2019. Every new follower, listener, and fan will really motivate me to continue pushing forward to reach my potential even faster. Thank you!


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