New Single "Seven Ten Split," Has Lipstick Stains Etched Into Our Minds

Lipstick Stains hails from Memphis, TN, steadily pulling influences from Punk, Pop Punk, and Alternative/Grunge, all while snarling out lyrics that deal with life, mental illness, addiction, and feminism.

Having performed from St. Louis to New Orleans, Little Rock to Atlanta, and all cities in between, Lipstick Stains continues to release intoxicating energy that has fans gravitating towards them.

Carrying a lively tempo in the rhythm that’s exuded, we get a protruding sense of inspiration that comes flowing in from the eras to grace us in the past years lived. The effervescent soundscape of “Seven Ten Split,” leads the Lipstick Stains’ newly released EP ‘Controlled Chaos,’ to an all-time high of amplification. Electric to the core, we just can’t shy away from the gritty nature that swells through chugging guitar riffs, and a vibrant hue of rhythm heard in the introduction of this record.

The distortion that’s introduced within the smoldering lead vocals takes us into an undertow of underground buoyancy, as we hear the off-the-rails soundscape pose as an ode to wanting someone to stick by your side in this crazy little thing called life.

With lyrical motifs that resonate with us in a major way, the untamed performance of words such as ‘please just stick around, ‘cause you’re the only thing I can’t lose,’ speak to us on a personal level.

Through the immense personas that we welcome from Lipstick Stains, the authenticity that comes from the raw and unfiltered essence is truly refreshing in times as such. Leading us into the anticipation of what comes next on ‘Controlled Chaos,’ we think that Lipstick Stains did a killer job with reeling us in.