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New York Artist Sal Saatchi Releases New Song "Wrong Side" From His New Album "Sold"

Sal Saatchi is a New York native that has been pursuing his passion of music for 15 years. In May of 2016, he released an acoustic album, Live in Studio. This album featured both original songs and covers. In June 2016, Sal toured the US playing at various shows and open mic nights. He even wrote for Dream Recording Studios in September 2016. This guy was on the move! August 2018, he released 2 singles off of his debut, completely original album "Sold". Ultimately releasing the full album the same month, this singer/guitarist has something to say! So let’s check out one of the songs off his latest album titled “Wrong Side”.

“Wrong Side” is the right side! Everything about the song gives you a reason to smile. I think his vocals being one of the first things you hear right after him strumming his guitar is one that gives you that good gut feeling that country music gives you. But then you have all the various drums and electric guitars and light plucking at the guitar, giving us a blues and alternative tune. It’s hard to catch the pain in his lyrics because the production and vocals are so enticing. Then you hear the story just as it closes. Sal Saatchi gives his all and then some in this track. I can hear the dedication and passion. We can't wait to hear what's next from Sal Saatchi!

Listen to Sal Saatchi's new song "Wrong Side" here and find out the exclusive from Sal about the meaning behind his new song.

Readers, I would like to introduce to you Sal Saatchi. Sal, tell our readers a little about yourself.

Born and raised in Long Beach, NY. Been playing music for 15 years. I'm writing music to make people feel how I felt when I first heard my favorite artists play their music. I want to give someone the feeling of resonance that I felt when I first heard the first four notes of Slow Dancing in a Burning Room, or the excitement I felt from ear-ing out John Frusciante's solos on Scar Tissue and how encouraged I felt to learn more and more of my favorite artists' music. I want to pass that feeling on to other people. I want to give people a friend whenever they need one in their headphones at any given moment in any given place.

How intense was the 20 city tour you had in summer 2016?

I had and made a lot of friends along the way that made it way easier than it should have been. It was a blast. I made memories and connections that will last forever. There are lots of great, talented writers across this country. Go find them.

Sold has been a successful album. What do you think made it so successful?

The sheer number of people that contributed to this album is incredible to me. Everything was done by the power of friendship. I can't thank everyone who participated in the making of this enough. They helped me turn songs I was playing in my room into proper tracks with a full band. We did the best we could with the tools we had, I'm proud of it.

What is “Wrong Side” about?

Loaded question. I suppose it's about realizing that you're always going to be wrong about something to somebody, in this case that somebody was a significant other. You try every thing you can to make it work, but at the end of the day all you can really say is "I'm sorry" and give somebody time to deal with whatever it is they're dealing with.

What has been the best thing so far about being an artist?

I'm still having a hard time considering myself a true artist. But the best thing so far is that out-of-body experience and genuine joy you get when you're truly immersed in writing, playing or making something.

What can we expect from you this year?

I'd like to get a band together and play more shows. I'm looking for a drummer and a bassist at the moment. Been picking up the pen a lot lately though...maybe another album by 2020? We'll see.


Connect with Sal Saatchi on social media:

Instagram: @SalSaatchi

Twitter: @SalSaatchi

Facebook: @SalSaatchiMusic


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