New York Rapper DBoySWAG Shares His Story With “Pencil Blunts”

Derik Bernandez or how you may know him, DBoySWAG is a 25 year old rapper from Harlem New York who has a story to tell and a flow to match. He released his single “Pencil Blunts”, The emotional and deep hip-hop song conveys a message personable to DBoySWAG. “Pencil Blunts” begins with a melodic piano chord where it sets the tone for the song and serenades you peacefully before DBoyswag’s passionate and heavily emotive voice tackles you with his story of the struggle and how his music is a reflection of many life Endurance’s he had to encounter including the pain of losing his mother at the age of 12 to breast cancer, and multiple close life or death situations with his father.

Poetry and spitting bars has been the way of saving his own life he claims. Inspired by many poetic and lyrical rap legends like Biggie, Pac, NWA, and Jay-Z, he aims to fabricate not only a hit but a meaningful hit. “Pencil Blunts” is a product of example, it’s not only filled with catchy punchlines and a trendy instrumental although it’s slightly nostalgic, Pencil Blunts is also filled with in-depth poetic lyricism where we can connect to DBoySWAG on a deeper level. If you can’t relate to the artist and his struggles he discussed in this single, then you can definitely understand it. DBoySWAG created “Pencil Blunts” with all the courage and bravery inside him and we are more than appreciated.

Listen to "Pencil Blunts" here and get to know DboySWAG in our interview below!

Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

What's Good Ya I go by DBoySWAG stepping into the culture with my own legacy to leave behind for other to learn from.

What do you think about the change in the current rap industry?

I see the change in todays culture as an opportunity to grow in sound, rhythm, and in spirit. Its a phase that will remain in limbo along with the rest of the types of sounds created over time. History is filled with music made in many ways. I view it as we have unlimited ways to shape a sound let alone the way music make people feel. Its about what makes the sound different for each individual and the viewing how the Era grows with the sound. We're all telling a story its about who cares to listen and what about it make them feel the same. 

Knowing you’ve had some pretty rough life tragedies, do you attempt to project the struggles you went through into your music?

I put anything and everything i've ever been through in my music because music is my therapy, my Diary, my will, music is my truth behind the lies. I find it best to write while I'm going through my thoughts each ending day kind of like when reflecting, but in rhythm and flow. I use to do spoken word and before then I would always go home to my journal that I kept stashed away as a child to be able to reflect without anyone knowing because not everyone understood what i was going through.

How did you get in the correct mindset to write “Pencil Blunts” ?

Writing "Pencil Blunts" didn't take long. At the time when I wrote it I was dealing with my little brother leaving to travel back to New york coming out of LA and the relationships I had or didn't have with my other siblings at the time. What lead him into leaving made me feel unsettled in everything I did. At one point I was having writers block and I knew if I didn't write what was running through my mind I wouldn't be able to let go of what ever regret I had if i had any. Then came in the thoughts of losing homies to the system and to the lifestyle we thought was the way of life which made it harder to really be satisfied with my current state. So, I chose to take it back to when I was a teenager and how I would roll up these blunts that seem like pencils to anyone that smoked with me. I would look out my window that had the rear side of the buildings view of the park and Metro North and just think about how beautiful my hood is in any light and ho we're similar in different aspects. i took it deeper then just the word with this on. The message was and still is clear, "Dream a better way rather then having nightmares about the main problems.

What is your overall goal for 2019?

My overall goal for 2019 is to keep making the music that i use to love hearing and talk about the things others won't in ways others haven't explored yet. Bring answers to my own life questions through my musical spirit and lead the generation the way God see necessary. Also pray way more and spend more time with my family and let someone the classics I create simmer into the minds of the curious. the type of music i make is curious, happy, sad, honest and real music for the ears of the curious. My goal is to come out blazing when the time is right. Thank you for reading up on a King swag. #TIMNAEAT

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