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#NewMusic: Boccanegra - “Don’t You Feel So Special”

Welcome to the world of “Don’t You Feel So Special”, where you’re ushered out of whatever darkness you’re experiencing and into the world of brighter things, courtesy of Boccanegra. You can thank composer Valentino Farias, from Santiago de Chile, for the modern indie experience, as he can expertly tap his artistic well.For this effort, he joined up with a solid gang of musicians, including Andres Aracena, a jazz school classmate, Diego Moreta on bass, Raul Valles on keys and Esteban Isla on drums. Together they made a 5-song EP, funded via an Indiegogo campaign, slated for release this April!

Lucky for us “Don’t You Feel So Special” has already been released. I first heard it in a fancy LA hipster coffee shop with people tapping away on laptops. It fit perfectly with the travel and abstract art on the walls. Its warmth is infectious. It makes you feel complete. The elements of the song are as balanced as the mixture in my third-wave Americano — balanced, but not too in-your-face.

Yes, Farias has the unique ability to make you long for the kind of hopeful and tragic experiences it takes to inspire this sort of creation. It’s lackadaisical and sunny, but also contains a depth hinting at prior hardships. The guitars have adequate crunch. The song is Top 40 radio-ready and we have no doubt that it should be an instant success with the college crowd. And yet it still seems like it is enjoying the freedom of relative obscurity (at least for now). Tame Impala comparisons are to be expected, but this is somehow less trendy and more rock-oriented. A perfect addition to your playlist!

Stream “Don’t You Feel So Special” by Boccanegra here

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