#NewMusicFriday: 'The Destination' By Tay Rob Is One For Your Playlist

Born in Ft. Irwin, California, De'Vonte James Robinson is better known for his professional name of Tay Rob. Now residing in Memphis, Tennessee the 23-year-old started writing music in the early days of high school. Tay Rob didn’t make the move to taking his music career seriously until 2016 when he began recording. Through a clean-style of rap, Tay Rob is known for delivering inspirational lyrics filled with energy and enthusiasm. Tay Rob loves to tell his story authentically and sees music as a means to motivate, inspire and connect people around him as he has a strong desire to be both heard and felt by the music community.

We checked out Tay Rob’s latest track 'The Destination' and we’re blown away by the authentic soundscape. Conceptually and musically, this release is one that paves its own way. While there’s a certain simplicity to the soundscape, a descending bass-line, and chord progression and a distorted depth overall, “The Destination” in full evolves into a slightly more complex and hard-hitting state. The music intensifies, the beat grows thicker and louder it seems, and meanwhile various new synths and details rain down on the outer edges. Simplicity and complexity unite well here, ultimately resulting in a sense of creative freedom. Blending simplicity and complexity, Tay Rob is the one to watch! 

Check out 'The Destination' here

Hey Tay Rob! Welcome to BuzzMusic. We're excited we get to talk about your latest single 'The Destination'. Are you happy with how the song was produced in the end?!

I was extremely excited about how this song came out. Once I heard the beat, I immediately go the urge and started writing to it. This song took me around 3 days for the initial writing, and of course, other tweaks were made before the final product. I had about 3-4 different recordings of “The Destination” before finally picking one that I was fully satisfied with. It took me forever to finally get the fast rapping parts of the song to my liking, so once I finally got it, I knew I had created something that was pretty good. Overall, I was very happy with how “The Destination” turned out.

“The Destination” is undeniably catchy and aims to change the listener's overall outlook on life! Where did you draw your inspiration from in order to create this track? 

The inspiration came from me knowing where I want to go with my music and visualizing myself making it happen. Visualizing myself being able to influence and touch people with my music. Visualizing myself being on stage performing in front of a stadium full of people. Just visualizing success from my music. Drawing from that inspiration, I was able to put together a song like “The Destination.” Granted my goal in life may be different than the next person, but I wanted this song to speak to anyone that’s chasing a goal, and to place a successful and positive mindset onto the listener.

What's the most authentic element to your music that you find is always integrated into every track you put out into the world?

I think that my overall lyricism is my greatest and most authentic element of my music. For starters, I don’t cuss or use explicit language in my music, so I feel like it takes a higher level of wordplay to find other words than your typical cuss words. Whether it’s trying to find rhyming words or filler words, I feel like me not cussing shows something that’s not done very often in today’s music, especially in hip-hop and rap. My lyricism is my strongest asset, and the way that I put words together, the way that I set up rhyming patterns, metaphors, and similes, along with my cadence, flow, and delivery, I feel is unique seeing as that style of rap isn’t executed or recognized as much in this era of music.

We know you’ve always had a love for writing music, but what gave you the final push to begin recording your material in 2016? What inspired you?

In 2016, I finally got the opportunity to record with a close friend of mine by the artist name of TaiTheGawd. He’s an artist from Memphis, Tennessee as well that recently released a great project a couple of months ago. Me and Tai always talked about doing music back when we were in high school but never got the chance to. As I got older and started seeing how music influences people and how it can create feelings within people, that’s when I knew I wanted to try and be an artist. Watching music award shows like the Grammys, VMA’s and the BET Awards made me want to pursue a music career. I always wanted to try and record music but I never knew how to go about it. My friend Tai told me that he finally got some recording equipment and that I could come record with him. The first song that I ever recorded was a remix to DJ Khaled’s “I Got The Keys” and I’ve been at it ever since that day. I decided to step out on faith and trust God with this and he hasn’t let me down.

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us! What’s next for you through the end of 2019?

I have a performance coming up tomorrow on October 5th at a fair in my hometown called the Bluff City Fair. I’ll be one of the openers for a big name Memphis artist by the name of Project Pat from Three 6 Mafia so I’m really excited about that. I have some more music that I want to put out before the end of the year along with a few music videos. I have been doing features with not just artists in my city, but people from other cities and states as well. I hope I can continue to network and get more opportunities to collaborate with other artists. I also have my debut EP in the works for some time early next year that I’m excited about as well. Between now and around the beginning of next year, I feel that I have a lot of things moving in the right direction for me and I just pray that God continues to guide my steps.