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Niche's Hard-Hitting Single "Tell Em" Sets The Tone

Growing up in a fast-paced environment, hip-hop artist Niche had to quickly grow up as he and his family had to survive in one of the roughest neighborhoods in North York, Toronto.

Niche has taken great measures to ramp up his rap career and find his signature sound. Continuously developing his craft through vocal classes, mentoring, and learning about music production, he's now in the limelight showcasing his skills and creativity to the world.

Introducing a new sound and feel to the Toronto sound many know and love, Niche's fresh off the release of his latest single, "Tell Em." Niche's dark nuances are matched with prominent tonal energy, and the words to back it as an ominous shadow of textured layers can be heard in his vocal delivery,

Bringing forth an urgency to the soundscape as he instills a chaotic atmosphere through flickers of sirens and helicopters, Niche demonstrates an assertive presence before the song even begins.

Conveying an undeniable swagger with every lyric he finesses, there's an unfeasible confidence that oozes from Niche's style as he raps words like, "big bank, big bank accounts. I'm in deep; no passing out. Ten toes, I'm staying down. This a friend like pen pals."

Using time and space to allow each bar to settle, Niche bobs and weaves through the beat as he plays into each production groove. Layers of texture fester in this record, and we can't get enough of it.

Get swooped into Niche's charisma and check out the potent energy of "Tell Em" on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Niche. We love your energy in your latest song, "Tell Em." What moment or story inspired such a heavy-hitting track?

Just like my newest track, Lullabye, Tell em was inspired by my life and how I choose to live it. Growing up in one of the roughest neighborhoods in Toronto, having major setbacks, and finding the strength and courage to rise through it, inspired this single.

It’s also my first single, so it is an introduction to my energy, aspirations, and goals. It shares how important it is to stay true to oneself while working hard daily to bring your dreams into reality.

We love how detailed the production is, and listening to it on great speakers helps every detail stand out. What was it like tackling the production, and did you know the vision you wanted to achieve?

Well, Production can be tricky! It can make and break your vision, so Yes, I knew how I wanted the song to be produced. Working with the right people is very important to bring life to your idea, and I usually say I am so blessed to have my producer.

Yes, I knew the vision I wanted to achieve right away because I see the end product of my tracks in my head. Finding the right people to execute my vision has always been the challenging part, but now, after ten years, I can say that my team is built for success!

Inspired by many greats like Biggie Smalls, Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Drake, and Kendrick Lamar, how would you say they've helped you form your sound?

I would not say “form my sound” more so “Motivated me to hone my skills” Listening to these individuals and many more developed my love for music. I want to be able to create music that someone else can listen to and be inspired the same way I was.

What advice do you have for individuals looking to get their start in music?

FAITH!! You have to believe in yourself and the dream. Before even starting in music, build a team that can keep you accountable. You and your team will foster the dream together. It’s faster to move in a group than independently.

What's next for you?

My EP is coming out soon, and a few singles before that. So stay tuned for the journey.

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