Nicholas Hoerdemann's New Song Will Give You Instant Feels

Nicholas Hoerdemann began his musical journey during his junior year of high school. Since he was independent in his studies, he had a lot of leisure time and wanted to make use of it and for his birthday he asked for a midi set to learn how to use the DAW software. Hoerdemann never had any musical training and taught himself everything he knows by ear. Music for him allowed him to express his most deepest emotions and by the time it was his senior year in high school, he created “SYNICAL” what was his first stage name and from there he started posting regularly on SoundCloud. In previous years, Nicholas struggled with creative blocks and critical people putting him down, but he managed to push past it all and continue with his musical efforts.

Nicholas Hoerdemann’s main focus is to keep pushing himself to achieve his dreams and success and hopes to spread this message with his audience through his music. Make sure to add his new song “IT’S BETTER THAT I GO AFTER GOD” to your playlist because this track is ambient but motivating. In the beginning of the track we hear someone who is having a conversation about how people always compare each others life when we shouldn’t be .

This is the core message that Nicholas wants his audience to understand and receive. Whatever it may be, even if you are not religious in that aspect, you should be focusing on yourself the goals and aspirations you want to achieve in life. The track is highly moody with a lot of electronic elements and even a melody is inserted in. Nicholas Hoerdemann is a great artist so make sure to follow him on his platforms!

You can stream the song here & get to know Nicholas Hoerdemann in our interview below!

Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Nicholas Hoerdemann, I’m 21 years old. I create underneath the alias’s of {Spooks/Spectacle}, Brennan Dante, and Malibuwinters and I’m based in Southern California.

Can you give us a brief history of your musical career?

It’s been interesting and I wouldn’t say I’ve stepped into it as a career yet. I started making music about 4 years ago going into my Junior year of High School. I really wanted to find a way to express myself and to understand what I was processing within myself. I taught myself how to do programming in Ableton, started just messing around and found my way to making tracks I was proud of and I knew held a weight to them. Music has really just helped me express feelings and periods of life that sometimes my words can’t. It’s an amazing thing.

How did you come up with your name? Is there a meaning behind it?

All of them have a meaning that reflect markers that defined me and also where my creative focus’s were at. {Spooks/Spectacle} is where I started to get into more synth and chill ambient based music. Brennan Dante is when I started to do poetry, and photography. And, Malibuwinters is the most recent and just sorta came out of a meditation I was having.

Do you write your own music? Can you tell us a bit about your writing style?

Yes. I make a lot of my own sounds through synths like Serum and Massive and use stock plugins from Ableton to carve more of the finer elements of the sound. I’ve recently gotten into sampling and thats been changing my music for the better. All I try to do when I create is to be honest. I don’t think all music has to be complex or even well thought out. I just unravel when making a song and somehow it comes out complete.

We’re really into your new song! Can you tell us a bit about it?

It was just me communicating a prayer. Life as of late has been moving quickly for me and I’ve had to just make a lot of yes or no decisions that will impact me in the coming months or years. Just a scary time for me.

Where did the inspiration behind the song come from?

Just really where I’m at in a mental and spiritual sense. Not judging my life by others either and continuing to move forward in my life regardless of what family and friends think of me and just understanding I only get to do this once. It was a sobering process making the song. If I can be honest, I’m terribly frightened and excited for what the future has for me. Making the song captured thoughts I have on Christ and my spirituality and it was really just me being honest with God and myself. I don’t have anything planned out and I don’t think I ever will and I wanted to express that.

What are three things you’d love your fans to know about you?

I just have one. I want to provide a community for artists that pursue honesty and truth in their work. I’m tired of artists that just glorify mediocrity and there are others who feel the same as me. Art is supposed to be for the masses and not the elite, I want to help people see that. I just want to give back to people in the only way I know I can.

Any upcoming shows? For someone who hasn’t seen you live yet how would you describe your performance?

2019 will be when I start to perform live shows. For someone that would like to see me just know that I would be far more interested in actually talking to you, and encouraging you then you actually hearing me play.

What’s next for you?

Just creating more music projects and having fun with what I’m doing.

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