Nick Bazile Drops A Song For All Those Self-Reflection Moments We Have

Alternative Rapper, Singer, and Songwriter Nick Bazile is here with his new single “Rushing Hours” and he just proved to us why he’s the next urban music sensation! The single begins with his classic urban R&B and hip-hop vocals with a slight rap flow yet keeping a vocal tone noticeable. What I interpreted from this song is that there’s a missing feeling or bond between a guy and a girl. I interpreted that he probably didn’t appreciate her that much when he had her but he realized what he lost and now he wants her back however, she has a new love interest. “I’ll be there, baby don’t worry I’ll be there, making my ways I’ll be there, baby you know I’ll be there for you.” the artist sings, restating that no matter what he will still welcome back his lover with open arms.

The trendy cute love bop is a nice smooth-sailing Hip Hop and R&B single we can add to all our playlists where we think about that special boo who has our interest. The creative song-writing can be a product of example based by Nick being a natural song-writer!

Listen to "Rushing Hours" here and get to know Nick Bazile in our interview below!

How has it been growing up in Miami? Do you think your outside environment has any influence on your style?

Growing up in Miami you can do so many different activities and experience so many things both good and bad. Miami is amazing and so diverse. But Miami is known for its nightlife, year round summer and beautiful beaches like Miami Beach. Many people from here crave to live the good life of Miami, and the fast life is very tempting. But I was patient and choose to follow the right path and go to school type of guy. It is probably because I seen how people from my neighborhood turned out, and I quickly realized not too many people made it out or stay alive. It could also be that I surrounded myself around like minded people who were focused on finishing school and becoming something. Of course, my childhood had ups and downs and some were more difficult than others, but if I had to hit the reset button and start over from scratch- I wouldn't change a single thing. My style both in music and fashion has roots from my childhood and different things that I picked up along the way. So, to answer the question - yes, my outside environment definitely influenced my style.

We’re really enjoying “Rushing Hours” were there anyone specific in mind while you were writing?

Yes, I did. But, I prefer not to name her. I don’t want to get her into any trouble if you know what I’m saying. But, she knows I’m talking about her.

How do you channel your emotions into your songs?

Ironically, I’ve never been too emotional. I’m honestly not good at expressing my feeling and showing emotions. But, when it comes time to write a song, it just flows naturally. It’s much easier for me to be open when I’m writing.

In your personal preference, do you prefer Singing or Rapping?

I’ve been rapping forever, since grade school. I began singing later on as a teenager. I love both equally, honestly. But, if I were to pick a personal preference, I would have to say singing.

Do you have any exciting goals and dreams for the 2019 year?

Yes, I do. I believe that 2019 is going to be a great year. My team and I have a lot of new projects coming out including a mixtape I been working really hard on called “Freshman Year.” I’m very excited about it. We have plans to drop videos and to constantly have new songs and content. I hope to gain a strong fan base and have more performances. As for dreams that comes with the journey.

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