Nick Chacon Takes Us 'From P Town To The Moon'

The Los Angeles-based one-man band, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Nick Chacon releases his highly anticipated 7th studio album, 'From P Town To The Moon.'

Since taking part in various underground bands from 2000 to 2011, Nick Chacon recorded over 200 songs, 104 of which can be found on all digital streaming platforms. When performing live, Nick Chacon prides himself on never needing a backing band; instead, he would play with backing tracks, a live looper, and his versatile instrumental skillset.

Now releasing his 7th studio album, 'From P Town To The Moon,' Nick Chacon wastes no time and jumps into the record by way of the hazy introductory track, "Spaceman Summer." We admire how Chacon opened the album with this deeply personal and almost psychedelic track, as he tells an incredibly emotional story of feeling separated and isolated while serenading us with his dreamy instrumental soundscapes. Spicing up the album's energy through its second track, "Mr. Shades," Nick Chacon drenches us in a dancey mood through his bright and punchy drum breaks alongside his uplifting 60s sounding electric guitar.

Deepening the album's emotion with the next track, "Miss Judee Bleu," Nick Chacon opens his heart through rather poetic lyricism that depicts a captivating woman who swoons any onlooker. While his instrumentals bring all the haze and dreaminess we desire, Nick Chacon jumps into the title track, "From P Town To The Moon." This song is incredibly energetic and lively, especially through Nick Chacon's dynamic instrumentals that pulse and gleam with spirit and strength. Although this track is instrumental, Nick Chacon keeps us fully engaged with his thumping bass licks, sweet guitar riffs, and steady upbeat drum breaks.

We must mention how much of a unique listening experience Nick Chacon offers with this versatile and unconventional album, especially as we reach the fifth track, "The Scene Is Dead." Nick Chacon offers a textured back and forth between his sci-fi synth work, surf-rock guitars, and his animated vocal portrayal. Piercing our speakers with the next track, "What's The Matter?," Nick Chacon gives us a burst of energy through his blazing electric guitar pulses, accompanying rhythm guitar, and his poetic lyricism. We can't help but feel that this track is rather emotional and saddening, as Nick Chacon mentions being trapped in a cage and being the sole survivor while in need of being breaking free from someone's hold.

Leaving us with a bounty of inspiration through the next track, "Better Times Ahead," Nick Chacon offers a complete 180 from the track prior, as he reminds us to sharpen our optimism and hold our tears for another day. We love the tight and crisp instrumentation within this track, as it truly leaves us tapping our feet and nodding our heads to Nick Chacon's rhythmic instrumental prowess. Landing on the album's outro track, "Moon Goddess/Sun Goddess," Nick Chacon takes his time to open this song with incredible heart and vibrance, primarily through the radiant and reverbed electric guitar that drenches us in love and optimism. Another brilliant instrumental, Nick Chacon closes the album with nothing but heart and passion.

Don't miss out on the unique listening experience of Nick Chacon's 7th studio album, 'From P Town To The Moon,' available on all digital streaming platforms.

Congratulations on the release of your 7th studio album, 'From P Town To The Moon.' When did you begin writing ideas and songs for this record?

It has definitely been a long and winding road that I have had to take to make it this far along in my creative journey. I would say in general that the stylistic phase of the previous release has to end before I can begin the next stylistic phase of whatever it is that is inspiring and influencing me at the moment regarding the next release. I first started writing the songs in my mind that make up this album in march 2021 before I finally sat down and started recording it in early May 2021 into late June 2021. I usually create the overall blueprints and ponder what exactly it is I want to do and say this time around of an upcoming release in my mind a couple of months or few months before I sit down and actually begin writing out the chord progressions and lyrics that make up each song and then I can finally start to begin the actual recording process of tracking the album songs etc. I brainstorm what I want to do by going on bike rides all over la with my headphones on listening to music that inspires me or going to the beach and people watching and going swimming in the ocean. those are my two big creative methods of inspiration these days beyond the usual watching a good film or reading a good book or having a nice deep conversation etc. influences are having lived in the suburbs, having lived in the ghetto where I currently still live, living with family and having lived on my own, being mixed race and being Mexican, Jewish and Chinese and all the classic American, African, European, Latin and Asian music that influences me from day today! way too many artists to list and mention! I like it all. My friend's creations inspire and influence me as well. I am happy for anyone that chooses to create something out of nothing.

Did you have anyone or anything inspire the creation of 'From PTown To The Moon'? Was there a particular concept you wanted to deliver within the project?

What inspired this album I would say is getting older and evolving mentally and physically for starters. Quitting smoking and drinking for 16 months now and being the most focused and aware of your surroundings that you have been for the first time in a long time and possibly more than even ever before. Reaching your mid-30s and realizing it is no longer the world our parents and elders grew up in etc. It is an entirely new world and ballgame regarding the economy, politics, values, society, and how with interacting with one another among many other things. Technology has completely taken over our day-to-day lives and will only increase in that aspect as more years pass by and we go beyond the present into the "future". The true concept was to tell a story of rebirth, love lost, and where we are currently at as a society in a world that is still going through covid, political problems, and world problems among many other things. Perhaps we are the most disconnected we have ever been from one another as a society than ever before. The planet and the human race are in need of massive healing mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally to do our best as a whole together.

Is there a track within 'From P Town To The Moon' that's the most personal to you? What makes you so drawn to that song in particular?

The song that's most personal to me on the new album "From P Town To The Moon" would probably have to be the second song Mr. Shades and the reason why would be is that that song is about losing hope in your goals and dreams.. falling out of love and falling of track for a moment but then realizing and continuing to move forward and getting away from everything holding you back and holding you down from being the best version of yourself that you can be. It's about the observation of Los Angeles and how ruined it has become internally by city politics and government influence and how they treat people who live on the street and how it makes me feel angry and want to leave Los Angeles even though I am a LA native-born and raised. I have always been anti-government and anti-political. Those are just my ethics and opinions that I hold myself to that influence my music and my lifestyle. I would say more or less that I am an anarchist. I try to be as self-aware and intelligent as I can be day today and I also try to carry myself with dignity and respect for myself and others as best as I can regardless of all the situations good and bad that I have been through in my life. Mr shades is my alter ego by now... he protects me from harm. he is me when I put my sunglasses on and in a way my emotions are neutral and I am ready to face the stresses of the world and offer this music to myself and others for healing purposes. Simply put. Mr. shades is on the move again, mr. shades is me!

Did you work completely solo when formulating your instrumentals and sonics for 'Form P Town To The Moon'? What was your solo creative process like?

Ever since I first started this solo project in 2009 I have always been the sole participant and performer by doing the writing/recording/singing/playing guitar/bass/keys and drums. my history with music is music lover since age three and playing instruments since age 8 starting with violin and then guitar and then drums. it was always meant to be that way. I have had a very good friend of mine named Keith Yergens play some synthesizers on a song of mine a few years back, a song that is not even available anymore haha because I didn't like my vocals on it too sluggish as opposed to how I sing now. he is pretty much a brother to me and someone who I used to play in a band with called Stay Cool Forever which was the last band I was in as a drummer before I fully started doing this project and this project only as my main musical outlet which it still is to this day. I last played drums in bands in 2011 and have been completely solo from 2012 to now. my first album that came out in 2013 was mixed and mastered by a friend of mine named Reni Tulsi. the only other person that has played additional instrumentation/backing vocals on a number of my songs in the past is a guy named John Burnham who mixed and mastered all of my music from 2015 to 2018. I first discovered his engineering services on craigslist in 2015 and after speaking to him we agreed to work together... he mixed/mastered/added additional vox and inst for my second album up to the last ep I put out right before I started working on my 6th album which came out in 2019. John mixed and mastered a two-song instrumental single for me earlier this year in April before I started on this new album but the person responsible for all of the mixing and mastering work since 2019 that you are hearing is a guy named Victor Salas who I first contacted on craigslist as well. I have never met either of these two people in person yet.. we have just been trading WAV files on this entire time haha! One day we all shall meet in person and grab some dinner or something since I don't even drink anymore haha. after my 6th album came out I focused on releasing ep's and singles until I felt it was time again to release my 7th album this year and to be where we are currently at now musically and creatively. my creative solo process is brainstorming the songs in my mind a couple or few months before like I mentioned above and then sit down and write out the chord progressions and lyrics for each song in my notebook and then start tracking (recording) each instrumental and vocal one by one. Usually, guitar or keyboards first to just a click track and or a programmed drum machine beat and then build up to it from there. More layers of guitars and keys and then actual drums and then lastly bass because every other instrument has been laid down so I can add the final layer of groove that goes against everything else yet makes sense or a part that is directly locked into every other instrument and is holding it down. the bass and the drums are the anchors and the keys and guitars are what add color and excitement. the final part before we take it to the mixing and mastering is the vocals! Double-tracking the vocals so it sounds stronger and is more blendable regarding what perhaps needs to be cut up and put back together to make total sense when you hear everything all finished and as a whole. I like to take my time with vocals so that they are recorded just right and I am satisfied because I am not the best natural singer and have only in the last year or two started to find my footing as a "singer" there are alot of old songs of mine that I don't listen to much because I don't dig the vocals anymore... too sluggish like I said but other people still seem to enjoy those old songs from the past so hey if they still like them then they must not be too bad. I'm probably just being a perfectionist which in music is both good and bad. good for your best most lasting songs and bad for holding you up from putting out something tasty and you are probably just overthinking it all haha! I blame it on the fact that I used to smoke too much weed and it damaged my lungs and breathing ability and strength to push my vocals... haha! Who knows for sure though. Anyone can learn an instrument and anyone can sing too but... not everyone is a singer you get me? After I'm all done writing and recording the songs on my end then I can send the individual WAV files of vocals and instrumentation to a dropbox folder to whoever I happen to be working with at the time so that they can proceed to mix and master them. All in all, it's about a 2 to a 3-month process by now for me to start and finish an album for presentation. It has gone from 1 year to 6 months to 2 or 3 months. You get better and faster at your craft the more you practice and perfect it. I have written and recorded full songs in 1 day or a full ep in a week or two in the past it just depends on how inspired you to feel at the moment and how often and for how many hours you choose to sit down to begin and end whatever it is you are working on at the moment. This new album I worked on every day 7 days a week for about 8 hours at a time each day. one early morning session tracking with my headphones on around 4 or 5 am until about 8 or 9 am and then another late night session from about 9 or 10 pm until about 1 or 2 am. when I am recording a new release I don't sleep much for a couple or few months. I survive off of coffee/food/multivitamins/exercise and about 4 or 5-hour naps haha! My brain isn't ready to power down fully during that time for maximum sleep for some reason and I am mostly always just thinking about the completion of the said project because the truth is doing everything yourself can be stressful and overwhelming at times but I have learned to get used to it and I love it otherwise I don't think I would be doing this anymore!

How does your album 'From P Town To The Moon' contrast your previous six albums? What differences do you offer this time around?

From P Town To The Moon as album number 7 contrasts from the others in the way that I have finally fully come into my own as a songwriter and player and singer too even. I believe by now that I fully have my sound and style and signature trademarks that make this music fully mine when it is presented along with all the other music that is being made in Los Angeles daily. I have been invested in music since grade school and I first started playing in bands as soon as I was a teenager. This has always been life to me. From starting this solo project at age 23 to now being 35 years old I feel that I fully know and understand myself as a person and what I am about. I know my strengths and my weaknesses. I know just how far I can push my self and I also know my hangups and my fears or anxieties which still exist but in minor ways as opposed to the past when I was a nervous wreck 24/7. I used to be quite insecure and unsure of myself which I'm sure we mostly all are throughout our teenage years and 20's as well. I used to mask all my problems by getting too messed up and living my life to the extreme and being a sloppy dude but I learned my lessons in many ways and am not the guy anymore. I still have a long way to go but I like who I am these days more or less and am looking forward to what is coming next in life. especially the next 5 years. I hope to have a wife and children someday as well along with being financially stable enough to have my own little house or something because at the current moment I still live with family in south-central Los Angeles and have been on and off since 2012. I have hit rock bottom multiple times in my life before by being an impulsive man but it had to happen more or less because in hindsight it has fueled my music be and evolve into what it currently is now! the differences I offer now are focused vocals, focused songwriting, focused instrumentation, and a direct presentation of 8 songs in 37 minutes. Some of my other albums are ten to twelve songs at up to 45 mins or so in length. I have found that well less than ten songs or ten songs maximum is best and under 40 minutes as well for a nice direct and compact listen. The attention span of people is extremely short these days, and even 20 minutes might be too much for some! I like to keep it old school and think of it like how alot of vinyl record releases were in the past 15 to 18 minutes each side for a total of 30 to 36 minutes or so. I probably could have even taken a song off and made it 7-songs at a length of 33 mins or so less than 35 but hey it still holds up and I love it exactly for what it is. My best record yet and the one that let me know that I have the Nick Chacon sound locked in now and it can only keep going up and up! I hope you all dig the new album I had alot of fun putting it together. Click the links or look me up online to listen to and digitally purchase everywhere 104 songs spread across 17 releases since 2013! since starting this project in 2009. I would say that I have written and recorded 200+ plus songs and at one point they were all available too in an archive I created. Those first 100 songs or so I was still learning as I was going so many of those I would consider throwaway material and remain in the vaults forever haha! These current 104 are where it's at and all songs I will forever stand by as the story of my life in song form. I'm glad I was ever even able to make it this far in my story to tell and it's pretty much just me standing alone minus all the beautiful souls that have indeed assisted me along the way. The reason why I had so much to say is that this is my first interview since 2015 and my first review since 2018! Last but not least I want to thank my family, my friends, all the people I haven't met in person cheering me on, all the beautiful women I have ever loved or had a thing for even though it didn't work out with any of them, haha and even to all the enemies or people with bad energy along the way who have wished for my downfall! Not this time! I couldn't have done any of this without any of yall and all of the life lessons that you have taught me or helped me to understand along the way. I also want to thank myself for never giving up and for trying to do right still no matter what! never give up! That's my motto.... peace love and blessings to all worldwide. have a wonderful day, week, month, year.... life!