Nick Jame$ Releases New Song "What's The Deal"

Nick Jame$ is a melodic rapper based out of Portland Oregon. Born Nico Jordan, the 19

year old artist reigns from Tucson, Arizona. Nick Jame$ musical background came from his great

grandfather who was a guitarist for Casey and the Sunshine Band. This provided him musical

knowledge and background at a young age. Before starting his own musical career, Nick

Jame$ was a producer and engineer in his hometown which gained him a lot of attention and eventually led him to creating his first mixtape.

“What’s The Deal” has a modern sound and Nick has a nice flow to his music making it a

new bop on anyone’s playlist. He has a really good beat and production value to this track even

though it may be his first. Nick Jame$ brings not only a new modern sound, but with that he also

brings a nostalgic vibe to the scene with sounds reminiscent to early hip hop artists such as

T-Pain. Nick Jame$ can easily fit into today’s melodic rapper scene with a very appealing and

likable sound that will definitely cater to millennial's. Nick Jame$ has a very polished sound and

presence for being so young, and will definitely continue to grow as an artist. We ca't wait to hear what's next!

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