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Nick Reid: Colorado’s High-School Hero Debut’s New Hit “My Broken Heart”

Nick Reid is an American Singer-Songwriter who lives in Evergreen, Colorado, widely known for his melodic vocals and memorable choruses. His presence in the music industry has multiplied since 2019 when he released his first couple of songs and gained an immediate following. He followed up the next year with another hit single, "You," in 2020, continuing his growth into 2021 with "My Broken Heart."

Nick started making music at the age of 16 and took to social media to reach the masses. He gained traction swiftly with his music online and became known as Colorado's #1 upcoming artist. He was featured in Teen Music Insider, among many other notable articles and interviews.

Nick Reid's "My Broken Heart" tells a tale of what it feels to be longing for a lost love all while battling his heart and trying to get by unscathed. This new release single has an acoustic pop sound and is met with a heavy bass line as Nick Reid brings you through his story of love and mind-games. The chorus connects the listener with a deeper feeling of the risk of loving someone and the uncertainty of reciprocation. "My Broken Heart" will surely be stuck in your ears, playing on repeat.

Nick Reid is multi-faceted and is consistently writing, recording, and collaborating with artists, all while attending high-school. His music is largely inspired by Justin Bieber, Post Malone, Shawn Mendes. Nick Reid is undoubtedly a name to watch for in 2021.

Nick Reid proves that even with the majority of live music venues closed in today's climate if you work hard and chase your dreams - there is still a massive opportunity to reach your audience online. We look forward to hearing more from Nick Reid in 2021.

Firstly, we want to say that “My Broken Heart” is so memorable. The way this song was written you can feel your emotion behind the music and lyrics, what inspired you to write this song? Thanks so much! I wrote this song from mixed perspectives, even though I've been heartbroken before I did not necessarily write My Broken Heart from my perspective. This song talks about more than a few things that I actually have never experienced, like collapsing because of the liquor in my cup. I enjoy writing music from other people's perspective, and this has been the best yet. We couldn’t believe that you’re in high school and are creating music with such success, who has been your biggest supporter in bringing this dream to reality?

Thank you! I can't believe it either. My parents and my friends who have stuck with me are my biggest supporters.

At the age of 7 you were self-taught on the Piano, the Drums at age 10, Guitar at age 15 and continuously searching for more instruments to learn and perfect. At what point in this journey did it become clear to you that you wanted to pursue music professionally?

I had always wanted to perform or release some kind of music since around age 12, and I finally realized that I could actually do it around age 15 when I started messing around with recording and I eventually recorded my first few songs "missin u' and "why". I kept going, and I continue to improve while also having a great time making the music.

“My Broken Heart” is meticulously written and crafted into a compelling story of emotion. What was the writing process like?

Thank you! It took me a couple of weeks to finish writing the second verse with help from my manager, Preston Osenbaugh. But overall I wrote the hook in only a few hours and got a rough demo down really quickly. It was a lot of fun to write because I've never written a song with this vibe before.

What can we expect to see next from you?

I have lots of unreleased music and I continue to record more, so those will be coming out in the coming months. Make sure to stay tuned for new release announcements on my Instagram @therealnickreid.



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