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Nick Souza Embraces Change In Empowering New Release, "Running"

Coming in hot from Toronto is singer-songwriter and R&B recording artist Nick Souza, with his catchy and passionate new single, "Running."

Known for his smooth vocals and lively beats, the Toronto-based artist harnesses his Brazilian roots to create a distinct sound. Also a songwriter, producer, and saxophone player, the multifaceted artist continuously explores the boundaries between tradition and modern flair, showcasing the truest form of artistic expression.

Nick Souza's recent release, "Running," empowers listeners with a groovy new single. It celebrates the newfound confidence that comes with a needed personal transformation. It's a vivid portrayal of the work, effort, and consistency put into this drastic change to become the best version of himself.

Diving deeper into "Running," the track kicks off with smooth and faded production alongside Nick Souza's silky vocals that lead into an irresistible rhythmic breakdown. Not even one minute into this song and we're hooked. Everything from Nick's warm and charismatic vocals to the incorporation of Brazilian drums makes it irresistible, but his lyrical message is the cherry on top.

Nick Souza is embracing the change with open arms. While his previous single, "Try Again," leaned towards an anthem of glowing up, "Running" is the stunning aftermath: the confidence, the value, and the newfound power of feeling the best you've ever felt. And throughout the process, maybe someone special will come "Running" back into his arms.

Explore the undeniable musical talent and irresistible rhythmic styles of Nick Souza and his latest single, "Running," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to Buzz, Nick! We love the rhythm and concept of your recent single, "Running." What inspired you to create such an engaging, uplifting song about embracing a new transformation?

Thanks for having me and thanks for the kind words about the song! Honestly what inspired me to make the song was some lifestyle changes that I was making at the time and a talking stage that I was in. I was connecting deeply with the person about personal growth, career goals, and fitness goals - it felt like we were both aligning in a great way where we would be a great match for one another and that's what inspired the song. The energy was magnetic as if we were running to one another.

Did you produce "Running" solo, or was that a collaborative process? Could you expand on how you brought such a rhythmically groovy song to life?

I produced it completely by myself! I was scrolling through TikTok and found some Kuduro producers from Angola—another Portuguese-speaking country in Africa—and I loved how their drums are similar to the Brazilian Funk style drums that I've been experimenting with. I decided to try and fuse those two worlds together.

What was your songwriting process like for "Running?" What themes or concepts did you want to get across in your lyrics?

The main theme was definitely the suspense element of the beginnings of a romantic relationship. The first thing that came to me was the intro line, "Step out looking fresh just in case I run into you." Toronto is a much smaller city than we give it credit for and running into people spontaneously is super common, so if you're going somewhere popping - especially in the summer - you got to make sure you're putting it on in case you run into that specific person. Another main theme is the confidence that comes with being the best version of yourself and knowing you're a good match for the person you're interested in.

Would you say that "Running" is the perfect follow-up to "Try Again?" Is there a running theme or similarities between these two songs?

I honestly didn't plan for the songs to have a narrative sequencing to them, but thanks to this question I realized that they do which is pretty awesome because of how unintentional it was. I'd say theme-wise, it's more so a concept of glowing up, going through tough situations, whether that be a breakup, struggles with a career, or a more personal struggle, and overcoming them. It starts with the resilience to 'Try Again' despite the difficulties and failures, to keep the pace and keep "Running" to the next chapter, and to enjoy life and evolve - which is a main theme subject matter-wise for sure. Production-wise it's more experimenting with different elements of dance music and contextualizing them in a way that hasn't been done, and infusing that exotic, vibrant Brazilian flare to it with the drums.

What do you hope listeners take away from "Running?" What was your goal in that respect?

I want the people who listen to Running to go outside in the sun with their friends, to enjoy life, to fall in love with themselves and the world around them. I want them to dance, sing, and seek to become more fulfilled, happier, and better people not only for themselves but for the communities they are a part of.


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