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Nikea Marie Chants "I Believe," in an Empowering New Music Video

The buzzing Singer-Songwriter Nikea Marie releases an incredibly empowering and purposeful single with an accompanying music video entitled "I Believe."

With influences from gospel, pop, and r&b, Nikea Marie makes it clear that she's a force to be reckoned with in our modern music industry. While finding the right balance between these genres, Nikea Marie offers a sound that's equally as exhilarating as it is empowering, especially as she delves into personal and highly relatable lyrical topics.

The Baltimore-based artist recently released a brilliant music video to pay tribute to her purpose on this plane with "I Believe." The song itself offers listeners a slice of inspiration as she struts her way through with incredible vocals and motivational lyricism. Without further ado, let's take a deeper look at the song's conceptual music video.

The music video for "I Believe" opens with scenes of Nikea Marie waking up in her aesthetically pleasing pj's while getting up and ready to seize the day. While cutting to scenes of Nikea Marie strolling through the neighborhood and grooving to the upbeat song, she emphasizes themes of living a purposeful life and aiming for the stars.

As the video cuts from shots of Nikea Marie in the studio to scenes of her making business moves, Nikea Marie later meets up with her friends to share a laugh and live life the way it's ended, to bring joy and enjoyment to our days. As the video comes to an end, we're left bopping our heads to Nikea Marie's powerful vocals and motivational lyricism.

Don't miss out on the uplifting and encouraging theme within Nikea Marie's latest music video, "I Believe," now available to watch on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Nikea Marie, and congratulations on the release of your empowering music video, "I Believe." How did you create the scenes in the video to emphasize your lyricism of living a purposeful life?

I wanted the scenes to be realistic and relatable. I wanted people to see themselves in the video.

Did you work with any directors or videographers when shooting the music video for "I Believe?"

I worked with Justin from Glasshouse Productions on the video. He is so creative and he pays attention to detail very well.

What was the shoot like?

We shot during covid, so the shoot was definitely different. We used my sister's house and I had my family come be apart, and everyone jumped in and made it happen.

How did you create the scenes within "I Believe" to inspire the listener to shoot for the stars?

I walked in the middle of the street because as an artist one thing I have learned is to create your own lane. Too often we wait around for lanes to accept us, but sometimes you just gotta do you boo! Sometimes shooting for the stars means you’re shouting on your terms, and your way!

What did you want them to take away from the video?

I want everyone to know that they can do whatever they believe they can do. Whatever doors close, trust that one is going to open up for you! Just keep walking and keep believing

Regarding the song itself, "I Believe," do you normally create music that uplifts the listener?

I do. The song I had before was called I’m unstoppable, and nothing will hold you down! It’s an anthem to uplift the listener and this song is no different. I want all my music to inspire the listener.

What sort of emotions or feelings do you want to evoke with your music?

I want people to just feel good. When you hear the track, I want you to have the drop top-down and the song playing with your head bobbing and the wind blowing. I wrote this song after I was in a dark place and I wanted this song to just be uplifting. I want people to dance and just celebrate how amazing they are and how Greer God is!! I believe people will feel excited and I believe in each of you


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