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Niki Tonik Gives The Meaning Of Art With Her Ethereal Hit Single, “Delicate”

It has been said that life imitates art. But every so often, an artist comes along who blurs the lines between life and art so gracefully that the two become indistinguishable. And that’s exactly what Los Angeles born and based artist Niki Tonik does. She doesn’t make the art, she lives it. But the question you’re probably having is simple. Who is she? Who is Niki Tonik? How does she intertwine the art with the music? Well, we have the answers to your unspoken questions.

Niki Tonik is an Israeli-American singer and songwriter who executes the style of Progressive Pop, Alternative Rock, and R&B. she balances her time between writing and recording music while practicing Taoist Tonic Herbalism. This career has inspired her name and her sound! So okay cool we have the overview on Niki but what about her sound buzz? Expand on it? Well, Niki Tonik silky vocals have drawn a comparison to the magnificent artist Sade from the likes of Babyface who heard her music online and applauded the “richness and emotive tone color” in her voice. Her songwriting? It takes pages from the pop-music playbook which glimmers with powerhouse influences like Sia, Alicia Keys, and Miguel through her eclectic style choices, infusing Rock, Hip-Hop, and Soul elements. Now that you know exactly who this upcoming sensation is, let’s digest her music and discuss the weaving of art and music.

If you don’t know the definition of art, it’s the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. Of course, many others may have their own definition of the term. Nonetheless, Niki Tonik expands on the term with the release of her imaginative single “Delicate”. “Delicate” gives the listener a sense of imagery. You’re able to become lost within the music and paint the picture you feel best represents the story you receive from the song. Although the lyrics may present one theme, it’s detailed enough to leave room for the listener perspective. It gives us a chance to fabricate the story we feel is a strong reflection of our emotions. Her powerful vocals with a dynamically driven presence build the exhilarating creative energy in our bodies. The electric guitar strummed with gorgeous chords presents another element that could be used as a vital piece in the story. Every corner of “Delicate” you will find a component and essential that could help you experience this song to its fullest capacity. Doesn’t life imitate art? Well, we told you Niki Tonik lives it, and she was selfless enough to give us that freedom to indulge “Delicate” in our own artistic preferences. That is how she intertwines the two!

Check out the "Delicate" video below and read more in our exclusive interview!

"Delicate" will be available on ALL streaming platforms June 22nd!

Thank you for sharing your music with us Niki Tonik! The LA scene is very artsy and filled with creative visuals. In what ways has your environment impacted your music?

As much as I love and and appreciate L.A, what really inspires me is being able to travel and see different locations/scenery/vibes which is exactly what we did for the music video for Delicate. We went to Mount Shasta which is in NorCal, and the setting there was just absolutely breathtaking from the waterfalls (there were several in the area), to the lakes, forests, mineral springs and mountains. I wanted an organic nature vibe for the video because the song feels spiritual to me. 

How has the journey been for you so far as an artist? What are some main challenges you’ve faced & in what ways have you grown from them?

I would definitely say one of the most challenging things about being an artist/songwriter today and for me personally is getting people to care about your music/art without having a huge or at least well developed social media platform. In the last few years the industry has totally shifted and talent has now become secondary to how many followers you have, which is kind of crazy because artists now need to package themselves and do even more legwork on their own. So it’s both a challenge and a growth opportunity because it motivates me to do everything I can to get my music heard and take ownership of the direction that my brand moves in. 

Let’s talk about your detailed music! We loved “Delicate”. Mind describing to us the theme of this song?

Thank you! That means a lot. I originally wrote this song after experiencing very deep feelings for someone who didn’t feel the same way. After I did some “inner work” and those emotions subsided I realized that the lyrics could be interpreted in a different way, like a spiritual love song to God/Source/Spirit. 

How does “Delicate” represent you and your artistry? How would you describe the lyrical arrangement of it?

I think Delicate lyrically, melodically and stylistically is a good representation of my artistry because it’s what I consider to be Progressive Pop/Alternative Rock. I call it progressive because the lyrics are somewhat meditative, reflective, and contemplative. Style/genre wise I grew up listening to pop and rock music and I play guitar so having real instruments and arrangements in my songs is an important aspect of my artistry. 

Any exciting summer plans for you?

I would definitely love to travel more, that’s probably number one on my list.  Going back to Mount Shasta for a few months to write and record new music would be great, so either there or somewhere else that doesn’t have a lot of distractions :)


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